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Terrorism in America
Terrorism in America (January 1994)
Pipe Bombs and Pipe Dreams
Brent L. Smith - Author

"This is a much needed text dealing specifically with terrorism in the United States. The legal and political material is particularly useful, and the painstaking studies of groups and individuals make it a very useful tool for law enforcement, criminal justice, or political science students." -- Stephen G. O'Brien, Macomb Community College

Using extensive records from federal district courts, national archives, the U.S. Senten...(Read More)
Discretion in Criminal Justice
Discretion in Criminal Justice (August 1993)
The Tension Between Individualization and Uniformity
Lloyd E. Ohlin - Editor
Frank J. Remington - Editor

"In the 1950s the American Bar Foundation conducted a pilot survey of the processing of offenders from arrest to prison--to observe what actually happened at each decision point, instead of assuming that doctrinal legal analyses were sufficient. This book consists of original, authoritative, and well written essays by leading scholars in law and criminal justice, who worked on the ABF project. All, including the editors, are among the most eminent...(Read More)
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