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Homelessness, Citizenship, and Identity
Homelessness, Citizenship, and Identity (July 2004)
The Uncanniness of Late Modernity
Kathleen R. Arnold - Author

Explores the political and economic causes and consequences of homelessness.

In the aftermath of September 11, donations to the poor and homeless have declined while ordinances against begging and sleeping in public have increased. The increased security of public spaces has been matched by a quest for increased security and surveillance of immigrants. In this groundbreaking study, Kathleen R. Arnold explores homelessnes...(Read More)
The Best of All Possible Islands
The Best of All Possible Islands (July 2004)
Seville's Universal Exposition, the New Spain, and the New Europe
Richard Maddox - Author

Uses the world's fair of 1992 to spotlight changes in the political cultures of Spain and Europe.

The 1992 world's fair in Seville serves as a vantage point from which to examine Spain's developing democracy and Europe's emerging unification, according to Richard Maddox in The Best of All Possible Islands. Visited by over fourteen million people, the Seville Expo drew the participation of more than one hundred ...(Read More)
Elites, Language, and the Politics of Identity
Elites, Language, and the Politics of Identity (March 2003)
The Norwegian Case in Comparative Perspective
Gregg Bucken-Knapp - Author

Uses Norway to test the claim that elites are central to the politicization of linguistic conflict.

Why and when do linguistic cleavages within a nation become politicized? Using Norway—where language has played a particularly salient role in the nation’s history—as a case study, Gregg Bucken-Knapp explores these questions and challenges the notion that the politicization of language conflict is a respo...(Read More)
Emancipating Cultural Pluralism
Emancipating Cultural Pluralism (March 2003)
Cris E. Toffolo - Editor
M. Crawford Young - Afterword

Examines both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics.

Combining detailed case studies with discussions of deeper theoretical controversies, Emancipating Cultural Pluralism investigates both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics. This provocative collection delves into some of the most difficult issues of cultural pluralism, such as what accounts for the immense power of identity polit...(Read More)
The Remote Borderland
The Remote Borderland (July 2001)
Transylvania in the Hungarian Imagination
Laszlo Kurti - Author

Explores how Transylvania figures in the Hungarian imagination and how this border region functions in the creation of national identity.

The Remote Borderland explores the significance of the contested region of Transylvania to the creation of Hungarian national identity. Author Laszlo Kurti illustrates the process by which European intellectuals, politicians, and artists locate their nation's territory, embody i...(Read More)
Sport, Nationalism, and Globalization
Sport, Nationalism, and Globalization (March 2001)
European and North American Perspectives
Alan Bairner - Author

Explores the relationship between sport and national identities within the context of globalization in the modern era.

Sport and nationalism are arguably two of the most emotional issues in the modern world. Both inspire intense devotion and frequently lead to violence. In this book, Alan Bairner discusses the relationship between sport and national identities in Europe and North America--specifically Ireland, Scotlan...(Read More)
The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav Border
The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav Border (January 2001)
Difference, Identity, and Sovereignty in Twentieth-Century Europe
Glenda Sluga - Author

Uses the history of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav border to examine how representations of difference have affected the politics of sovereignty during the twentieth century.

Focusing on the history of the "problem of Trieste" and the Italo-Yugoslav border, Glenda Sluga provides a framework for writing the history of places from a perspective sensitive to the politics of identity--whether national, ethnic, or g...(Read More)
Reconstructing Citizenship
Reconstructing Citizenship (September 1999)
The Politics of Nationality Reform and Immigration in Contemporary France
Miriam Feldblum - Author

Provides the most comprehensive analysis of the rise of citizenship conflict in contemporary France.

Studying the politics of citizenship reforms and immigration in contemporary France, Reconstructing Citizenship reveals the influential roles played by key figures and institutions in reconstructing French citizenship. An extended political process framework is used by Feldblum to study domestic changes in citizen...(Read More)
Cultivating Dissent
Cultivating Dissent (May 1999)
Work, Identity, and Praxis in Rural Languedoc
Winnie Lem - Author

Explores rural resistance, class consciousness, and the politics of contemporary culture through the experience of family farmers in France's "red south."
Focusing on a community of small family farmers in the Languedoc region of Mediterranean France, Cultivating Dissent shows how rural people struggle against disintegration brought on by the development of capitalism and state modernization imperatives. Lem challenges the image th...(Read More)
Democracy and Ethnography
Democracy and Ethnography (September 1998)
Constructing Identities in Multicultural Liberal States
Carol J. Greenhouse - Editor
Roshanak Kheshti - With assistance from

"In exploring the official constructions of cultural diversity in the United States and Spain, this book makes a valuable contribution to debates on multicultural policies in liberal democratic states. It brings anthropological insights on classification to bear on the pressing issues of affirmative action, immigration quotas, education, and the political organization of difference." -- John Borneman, Cornell University