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Reform and Resistance
Reform and Resistance (July 2008)
Formations of Female Subjectivity in Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Culture
Helene Scheck - Author

HONORABLE MENTION - 2010 First Book Prize, presented by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship

Explores the relationship between gender and identity in early medieval Germanic societies.

The early Middle Ages were a vibrant period rich with possibility for both men and women. Reform and Resistance explores the relationship between gender and identity in early medieval Germani...(Read More)
Chaucerian Spaces
Chaucerian Spaces (June 2008)
Spatial Poetics in Chaucer's Opening Tales
William F. Woods - Author

Examines affect and the significance of space and place in the first six Canterbury Tales.

Chaucerian Spaces explores the affect and the significance of space and place in the first six tales in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Relatively little has been written about space in the Canterbury Tales, yet the rewards for attending to this aspect of Chaucer’s aesthetic are ...(Read More)
The King's English
The King's English (May 2005)
Strategies of Translation in the Old English Boethius
Nicole Guenther Discenza - Author

Shows how Alfred the Great's translations of Latin works exposed Anglo-Saxon elites to classical learning and Christian thought while bringing prestige to the king and his West Saxon dialect.

In the late ninth century, while England was fighting off Viking incursions, Alfred the Great devoted time and resources not only to military campaigns but also to a campaign of translation and education unprecedented in early mediev...(Read More)

Women's Space
Women's Space (March 2005)
Patronage, Place, and Gender in the Medieval Church
Virginia Chieffo Raguin - Editor
Sarah Stanbury - Editor

Art historical and literary perspectives on the place of women in the medieval church.

This interdisciplinary collection addresses the location of women and their bequests within the single most important public and social space in pre-Reformation Europe: the Roman Catholic Church. This innovative focus brings attention to gender and space as experienced in the medieval parish as well as in monastic and cathedral spac...(Read More)
Anglo-Saxon Styles
Anglo-Saxon Styles (September 2003)
Catherine E. Karkov - Editor
George Hardin Brown - Editor

Considers the definitions and implications of style in Anglo-Saxon art and literature.

Art historian Meyer Schapiro defined style as "the constant form—and sometimes the constant elements, qualities, and expression—in the art of an individual or group." Today, style is frequently overlooked as a critical tool, with our interest instead resting with the personal, the ephemeral, and the fragmentary. ...(Read More)
The Medieval French Alexander
The Medieval French Alexander (July 2002)
Donald Maddox - Editor
Sara Sturm-Maddox - Editor

Explores the significance of Alexander the Great in French medieval literature and culture.

Alexander the Great was one of the legendary Nine Worthies in the medieval canon of ancient and modern heroes, and medieval writers exploited his legend in a wide variety of literary and didactic texts. Addressing the classical legacy to the Middle Ages as expressed in four centuries of vernacular narratives, t...(Read More)
The Discourse of Enclosure
The Discourse of Enclosure (May 2001)
Representing Women in Old English Literature
Shari Horner - Author

Examines representations of women and femininity in Old English poetry and prose.

Winner CHOICE 2001 Outstanding Academic Title

Exploring Old English texts ranging from Beowulf to Ælfric's Lives of Saints, this book examines ways that women's monastic, material, and devotional practices in Anglo-Saxon England shaped literary representations of women and femininity. Horner argu...(Read More)
Inscribing the Hundred Years' War in French and English Cultures
Inscribing the Hundred Years' War in French and English Cultures (September 2000)
Denise N. Baker - Editor

Examines the impact of the Hundred Years' War on French and English literature of the period, revealing the ways in which history influences literature and literature intervenes in history.

This book explores the intersection of the Hundred Years' War and the production of vernacular literature in France and England. Reviewing a range of prominent works that address the war, including those by Deschamps, Christine de Pizan, Gower, Lang...(Read More)
The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages
The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages (April 1999)
Nancy van Deusen - Editor

Surveys the influence of the Psalms in the Middle Ages, giving a unique window into the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional culture of the period.

The Psalms were an important part of the education, daily life, and spiritual development of medieval clerics and monks, and they had a significant impact on lay culture as well. The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages surveys their in...(Read More)
The Insular Tradition
The Insular Tradition (October 1997)
Catherine E. Karkov - Editor
Robert T. Farrell - Editor
Michael Ryan - Editor

"A breadth of interdisciplinary voices" discuss how geographical insularity - specifically that of Britain and Ireland - has affected artistic tradition.

A generously illustrated collection, The Insular Tradition explores the various ways in which tradition becomes part of our definition of insular culture and cultural history. The essays are the outcome of a conference held within the Medieval Academy of Americ...(Read More)
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