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Negotiating Democracy
Negotiating Democracy (October 2007)
Media Transformations in Emerging Democracies
Isaac A. Blankson - Editor
Patrick Murphy - Editor

Explores the relationship between media and democracy against the broader background of globalization.

Negotiating Democracy addresses issues that have defined the challenges and consequences of media transformation faced by new and emerging democracies. These issues include the dismantling of national broadcasting systems, the promotion of private independent and pluralistic media, the clash between liberal...(Read More)
The Globalization of Corporate Media Hegemony
The Globalization of Corporate Media Hegemony (August 2003)
Lee Artz - Editor
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor

Shows how dominant commercial media practices secure a hold among and affect diverse national cultures.

When commercial media practices are insinuated into local cultures, existing cultural and media practices are often displaced and social inequalities are exacerbated—sometimes with the consent of consumers, but frequently confronting organized proponents. The Globalization of Corporate Media Hegemony pro...(Read More)
Global Media Spectacle
Global Media Spectacle (October 2002)
News War over Hong Kong
Chin-Chuan Lee - Author
Joseph Man Chan - Author
Zhongdang Pan - Author
Clement Y K So - Author

Uses Hong Kong’s transfer from Britain to China to explore how media coverage is guided by ideological struggle.  

Focusing on the global media coverage of Hong Kong's transfer from Britain to China, Global Media Spectacle explores how the world media plan, operate, compete, and produce a historical record during significant global events. The authors interviewed seventy six print and television reporter...(Read More)
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