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Constructing Spanish Womanhood
Constructing Spanish Womanhood (January 1999)
Female Identity in Modern Spain
Victoria Loree Enders - Editor
Pamela Beth Radcliff - Editor

The first anthology in English on modern Spanish women's history and identity formation.

"Until recently, synthetic treatments of European women's history in the English-speaking world have inadvertently neglected (due more to unfamiliarity than ill-will) the important findings of historical research on women and gender in Spain, even as all too few historians outside Spain had embarked on such analyses. Constructin...(Read More)
Women, Development, and Communities for Empowerment in Appalachia
Women, Development, and Communities for Empowerment in Appalachia (May 1995)
Virginia Rinaldo Seitz - Author

An examination of the class and gender conditions of working-class women in the coal mining fields reveals how they struggled for development and change and how the struggle sometimes lead to empowerment.

"This book is a wonderful feminist exploration of a topic not often explored in the feminist literature--working class women in an isolated, rural setting. It pulls together a complex web of perspectives and avoids what...(Read More)
Women, the Family, and Policy
Women, the Family, and Policy (June 1994)
A Global Perspective
Esther Ngan-ling Chow - Editor
Catherine White Berheide - Editor

"The strength of this book is the powerful introduction to the field of women and development and its integration with issues and data from studies of the family and gender. The authors argue strongly and demonstrate clearly the necessary interdependence of theory development in all of these specialties." -- Rachel Kahn-Hut, San Francisco State University

"The topic is useful and timely; the collection contains an enormous amount of informat...(Read More)
Circles and Settings
Circles and Settings (April 1994)
Role Changes of American Women
Helena Znaniecka Lopata - Author

Circles and Settings: Role Changes of American Women is an original, comprehensive analysis of changing roles of American women at a time of great upheaval and public, as well as social science, commentary. Using a symbolic interactionist framework, with role seen as a set of negotiated relations, Lopata analyses the roles of wife, mother, kin member (daughter, sister, grandmother) homemaker, job holder in different settings, as well a...(Read More)
Gender and University Teaching
Gender and University Teaching (September 1991)
A Negotiated Difference
Anne Statham - Author
Laurel Richardson - Author
Judith A. Cook - Author

This book examines university teaching from several perspectives: What male and female professors do in the classroom, their perceptions and feelings about teaching, and how students respond. Data were gathered by observing professors in their classrooms, doing selected unstructured interviews, and soliciting evaluations/feedback from their students. This triangulation of data provides a richness of information and insight into the process of uni...(Read More)
Confessing Excess
Confessing Excess (July 1990)
Women and the Politics of Body Reduction
Carole Spitzack - Author

Looking at the discourse on female weight reduction in American culture, Confessing Excess analyzes contemporary dieting and the weight loss literature by taking up the themes of confession and surveillance. Spitzack argues that dieting is characterized by confession (of "excess") which women internalize and which necessitates ongoing surveillance or monitoring of the body. Informal conversations and in-depth interviews also juxtapose women...(Read More)
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