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Wittgenstein, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Wittgenstein, Ethics, and Aesthetics (July 1991)
The View from Eternity
B. R. Tilghman - Author

As early as 1916, Wittgenstein states that ethics and aesthetics are one, that only through aesthetics and art can what is truly important in human life be shown. This is the first book to clarify Wittgenstein's ideas about ethics and aesthetics, and to illustrate how those ideas apply to art history and criticism. Tilghman shows how a study of Wittgenstein illuminates not only the relationship between ethics and aesthetics, but also the relations...(Read More)
Moral Personhood
Moral Personhood (July 1990)
An Essay in the Philosophy of Moral Psychology
G. E. Scott - Author

This book presents a theory of personhood and moral personhood using results from recent work on intentionality in the philosophy of mind. An account of intentional kinds, causation, and explanation is provided to resolve some current issues in moral and legal theory, and to examine questions raised in law and medicine where it is necessary to deal with human individuals at the boundaries of their lives. Topics discussed include abortion, death, ...(Read More)
Rethinking Goodness
Rethinking Goodness (July 1990)
Michael A. Wallach - Author
Lise Wallach - Author

Michael A. Wallach and Lise Wallach arguing that a psychological basis for ethics can be found in human motivation, Rethinking Goodness proposes a naturalistic ethics that transcends the conflict between liberalism and authoritarianism--the conflict between freedom at the price of narcissism and morality at the price of coercion. The authors offer a third option, an ethic broader than liberalism's pursuit of the personal, that avoids jeopardizing, a...(Read More)
Anti-Theory in Ethics and Moral Conservatism
Anti-Theory in Ethics and Moral Conservatism (June 1989)
Stanley G. Clarke - Editor
Evan Simpson - Editor

"This is a timely collection of important papers. It gives focus to a new development in moral philosophy, by defining the problems it addresses, by identifying the similarities and differences among various representatives, and by articulating the common themes which run through the works of these people." -- John Kekes

"The book reveals an underlying unity to what might at first appear to be a diverse body of literature. The first section...(Read More)
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