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Other Selves
Other Selves (September 1994)
Aristotle on Personal and Political Friendship
Paul Schollmeier - Author

This book presents a thorough and systematic integration of Aristotle's analysis of friendship with the main lines of the rest of his work in Politics and Nicomachean Ethics. The author conveys a clear sense of the continuing illumination that Aristotle's analysis of friendship provides to contemporary ethical theorists and to students of Aristotle. Other Selves speaks to both audiences.

Paul Schollmeier
is Assoc...(Read More)
Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant (September 1994)
Otfried Höffe - Author
Marshall Farrier - Translator

“This book is an excellent introduction to Kant, with lots of details that make it of interest and value even to specialists. It is written to answer a real need in the current literature, and it succeeds admirably.” — Karl Ameriks, University of Notre Dame
In this book, Hoffe gives a clear, understandable description of Kant's philosophical development and influence, and he sets forth Kant's main ideas from the Critique of Pure Reaso...(Read More)
Imagination and Ethical Ideals
Imagination and Ethical Ideals (August 1994)
Prospects for a Unified Philosophical and Psychological Understanding
Nathan L. Tierney - Author

"Tierney gives us an account of moral ideals that is philosophically sophisticated, psychologically realistic, and sensitive to our nature as imaginative moral creatures. Moral philosophy is desperately in need of such an account, if it is going to address the needs and motivations of actual human beings. With brevity, subtlety, and deep insight, Tierney shows us what is unsatisfactory about a morality grounded on universal rules and based on a noti...(Read More)
Kant on Happiness in Ethics
Kant on Happiness in Ethics (July 1994)
Victoria S. Wike - Author

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of Kant's treatment of happiness in ethics. It considers the definition of happiness and the possible roles happiness may serve in ethics. It argues against critics who maintain that Kant's deontological ethic rejects happiness and against critics who assert that Kant's ethic is, in fact, consequential and concerned above all with ends such as happiness. By pointing to a system that organizes Kant's var...(Read More)
Moral Luck
Moral Luck (August 1993)
Daniel Statman - Editor

"This is a topic of immense importance. It is hard to believe that more has not been done in this area. It is both important in its own right and also important in assessing the plausibility of Kantian ethics." -- Gregory Mellema, Calvin College

Luck plays a part in determining our judgments and in causing us to question our notions of morality. Should a successful murderer be punished more severely than an unsuccessful one? Should a pers...(Read More)
A Case for Legal Ethics
A Case for Legal Ethics (March 1993)
Legal Ethics as a Source for a Universal Ethic
Vincent Luizzi - Author

In suggesting that general ethics be modeled on legal ethics, this book is a call for more creativity in our moral experience. Luizzi argues that lawyers regularly re-think their roles and the rules related to these roles. Their rejection of a prohibition on advertising, for example, was part of their re-thinking of the traditional view of the lawyer's noble calling, one for whom advertising was inappropriate. What this says for general ethics is...(Read More)
Interventions in Ethics
Interventions in Ethics (August 1992)
D. Z. Phillips - Editor

There is a growing need for interventions in ethics to counteract the tendency to generalize about moral issues. This book contains essays, written between 1965 and 1990, which focus on the need to explore such issues as the nature of moral endeavor, the request for a justification of moral endeavor; the appeal to human flourishing; the nature of the good life; the nature of moral change; and moral relativity. The author argues his case in relatio...(Read More)
Beyond the Call of Duty
Beyond the Call of Duty (October 1991)
Supererogation, Obligation, and Offence
Gregory Mellema - Author

"This is clear, thorough, systematic, subtle, and quite undogmatic. Mellema does a good job of using apt illustrations and making his points accessible without oversimplifying them." -- Michael J. Zimmerman, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

A surprisingly large number of people have denied that it is possible for human moral agents to act in such a way as to go beyond or transcend what moral duty or obligation requires of them. Som...(Read More)
Suffering and the Beneficent Community
Suffering and the Beneficent Community (October 1991)
Beyond Libertarianism
Erich H. Loewy - Author
David C. Thomasma - Foreword by

This book grounds ethics in the capacity for suffering shared by all sentient beings, and sees the avoidance and amelioration of suffering as the prima facie condition of moral interaction. Loewy sees social contract as originating in the original nurturing of individuals, and selfhood and autonomy as emerging in the embrace of beneficence. Communities thus have an implicit obligation to their members, which necessitates a just distribution...(Read More)
The Role of Ethics in Social Theory
The Role of Ethics in Social Theory (July 1991)
Essays From a Habermasian Perspective
Tony Smith - Author

This book defends the derivation of the ethical principle of universalizability presented by Jurgen Habermas, and illustrates the importance of this principle for both social science and social policy. Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of social theory, Smith divides the theory into nine distinct branches, each devoted to a fundamental question; three branches fall under social science, three under social ethics, and the last three make up so...(Read More)
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