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Political Assassinations by Jews
Political Assassinations by Jews (November 1992)
A Rhetorical Device for Justice
Nachman Ben-Yehuda - Author

Ben-Yehuda presents an in-depth inquiry into the nature and patterns of political assassinations and executions by Jews in Palestine and Israel. Extensive empirical evidence is used to analyze the social construction of violent and aggressive human behavior, using a sociology of deviance perspective. Political assassinations and executions are placed within their particular cultural matrix to describe how this specific form of killing has been con...(Read More)
Social Threat and Social Control
Social Threat and Social Control (July 1992)
Allen E. Liska - Editor

This book examines the conflict theory of social control, particularly the threat hypothesis. It asserts that deviance and crime control are responses to social threats such as criminal acts and riots, and to people perceived as threatening such as minorities and the unemployed. The authors use threat hypothesis to organize the diverse literatures on social control, use new data to resolve crucial issues, and integrate current perspectives to deve...(Read More)
The Penitentiary in Crisis
The Penitentiary in Crisis (July 1992)
From Accommodation to Riot in New Mexico
Mark Colvin - Author

This is a case study of the violence and disorder that have become endemic in U. S. prisons. The 1980 riot at the Penitentiary of New Mexico was one of the worst riots in prison history. Thirty-three inmates were killed and hundreds were injured. The author demonstrates how this riot, and the growing disorder that preceded it, reflect important shifts in the organizational structure and philosophy of prison management in the U. S.The Penitenti...(Read More)
The Battered Woman and Shelters
The Battered Woman and Shelters (February 1992)
The Social Construction of Wife Abuse
Donileen R. Loseke - Author

"The book brings a fresh and needed perspective to an issue that is too often treated in the simplistic fashion of a television movie. There are no persons wearing 'white' and 'black' hats in this book. Rather, the book focuses on the practical dilemmas and circumstances faced by shelter workers in fulfilling their professional obligations. Loseke offers us a way of seeing shelter work as it is. In doing so, she raises issues that some readers m...(Read More)
The Politics and Morality of Deviance
The Politics and Morality of Deviance (August 1989)
Moral Panics, Drug Abuse, Deviant Science, and Reversed Stigmatization
Nachman Ben-Yehuda - Author

First, I like the fact that the author has tackled an extremely significant yet basically neglected area in sociology—the interpenetration of deviance and politics, more specifically, the political elements in deviance. Second, I like his use of 'motivational accounting systems,' which show that society is not a single moral universe whose members share the same definition of deviance and respectability, but a number of moral universe...(Read More)
Theoretical Integration in the Study of Deviance and Crime
Theoretical Integration in the Study of Deviance and Crime (July 1989)
Problems and Prospects
Steven F. Messner - Editor
Marvin D. Krohn - Editor
Allen E. Liska - Editor

"This text represents the first bona fide attempt to advance criminological theory." -- Colin Goff, Dept. of Sociology, University of Brunswick

How to best generate theoretical growth in the contemporary study of deviance and crime has been the source of much debate. This book represents a diverse range of viewpoints concerned about theoretical integration and its benefits.

The chapters encompass both discussion of the requisites for ...(Read More)
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