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Kashmir Shaivaism
Kashmir Shaivaism (November 1986)
J. C. Chatterji - Author

J. C. Chatterji's book is a brief introduction to the nature of ultimate reality and the manifestation of the universe according to the Trika System. It also covers, briefly, the history of this advaita Shaiva philosophy of Kashmir. First published in 1914 as the first book in "The Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies," it is still the clearest introduction to the Tattvas of the Trika.

Since the lower twenty-five of the thirty-six Tr...(Read More)
Michael Polanyi
Michael Polanyi (October 1986)
A Critical Exposition
Harry Prosch - Author

Michael Polanyi was an eminent physical chemist, economist, and philosopher. This book explains how the many diverse topics that concerned him belong together as essential elements in his effort to play physician to "the sickness of the modern mind." Using both published and unpublished writings, Prosch critically evaluates Polanyi's efforts and examines the value of his work as philosophy. The book contains a complete bibliography of Polanyi's h...(Read More)
A Theory of Harmony
A Theory of Harmony (August 1985)
Ernst Levy - Author

In this introduction to natural-base music theory, Ernst Levy presents the essentials of a comprehensive, consistent theory of harmony developed from tone structure. A Theory of Harmony is a highly original explanation of the harmonic language of the last few centuries, showing the way toward an understanding of diverse styles of music. Basic harmony texts exists, but none supply help to students seeking threads of logic in the field. In a te...(Read More)
Teresa - A Woman
Teresa - A Woman (June 1985)
A Biography of Teresa of Avila
Victoria Lincoln - Author

She was a saint, a mystic, a reformer, a legend, and she was a fascinating and complex woman. This is the first full-scale biography of Saint Teresa of Avila from a human, nonconfessional point of view. Victoria Lincoln immersed herself thoroughly in all of Saint Teresa's writings, including her extensive correspondence. She has reconstructed the inner life of this rigorous reformer of the Carmelite Order and disciplined explorer of mystical experie...(Read More)
The Bhagavad Gita
The Bhagavad Gita (June 1984)
Revised Edition
Winthrop Sargeant - Translator
Christopher Key Chapple - Edited with a foreword by

It is now possible for anyone with a lively interest in the Gita to come into direct contact with the richness and resonance of the original text. This revised edition provides an inter-linear word-for-word translation along with the devanagari characters and their transliteration. To aid in understanding, a detailed grammatical commentary and page-by-page vocabularies are included as well as a complete prose translation.