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Virgil as Orpheus
Virgil as Orpheus (January 1996)
A Study of the Georgics
M. Owen Lee - Author

Presents a popular introduction to Virgil's Georgics for the general reader.

Though John Dryden once called the Georgics "the best Poem of the best Poet," and Montaigne thought it the most highly finished work in all of poetry, Virgil's song of the earth has never won as many readers as has his Aeneid, and at present it is the subject of more debate among classicists than perhaps any other poem in L...(Read More)
Old Age in Greek and Latin Literature
Old Age in Greek and Latin Literature (July 1989)
Thomas M. Falkner - Editor
Judith deLuce - Editor

"In a manner reminiscent of the emergence of the feminist perspective in scholarship two decades ago, data that has always been there is being freshly examined and is yielding new conclusions. The scholarship here is as powerful and rigorous as it is humane." -- John Peradotto, State University of New York at Buffalo

This volume explores the significance of old age in Greek and Latin poetry and dramatic literature, not just in relation to ot...(Read More)
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