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Steel and Steelworkers
Steel and Steelworkers (April 2002)
Race and Class Struggle in Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh
John Hinshaw - Author

Breaks new ground in the study of an industry and region crucial to the history of American industrial capitalism.

Steel and Steelworkers
is a fascinating account of the forces that shaped Pittsburgh, big business, and labor through the city's rapid industrialization in the mid-nineteenth century, its lengthy era of industrial “maturity,” its precipitous deindustrialization toward the end of the twentieth ...(Read More)
Labor in Retreat
Labor in Retreat (September 2001)
Class and Community among Men's Clothing Workers of Chicago, 1871-1929
Youngsoo Bae - Author

Winner of the 2002 Publications/Scholarly category from the Illinois State Historical Society and Association of Illinois Museums and Historical Societies Awards Program

Offers a fresh perspective on the origins of business unionism.

Why did the American labor movement decline in the 1920s? This is a question historians have often answered by pointing at the adverse circumstances begetti...(Read More)
Cultures of Opposition
Cultures of Opposition (June 2000)
Jewish Immigrant Workers, New York City, 1881-1905
Hadassa Kosak - Author

Winner CHOICE 2001 Outstanding Academic Title

Looks at the forging of a new Jewish political culture at the turn of the century.

This work provides a reinterpretation of the origins of Jewish working-class oppositional culture in the United States. It tells how this culture was characterized by public practices such as strikes, attacks on scabs and police, rent strike...(Read More)
Pursuing Justice
Pursuing Justice (February 1999)
Lee Pressman, the New Deal, and the CIO
Gilbert J. Gall - Author

Examines the career of the nation's most prominent liberal labor lawyer during a period of ascending labor power. Pressman was also one of the most prominent underground communists active in American political life from the early New Deal to the beginning of the Cold War.
As the nation's most prominent labor lawyer during a period of ascending labor power, Lee Pressman served as General Counsel of the Congress of Industrial Organizations ...(Read More)
Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994
Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994 (November 1998)
The Labor-Liberal Alliance
Kevin Boyle - Editor

Traces the rise and fall of organized labor's political power over the course of the twentieth century.

"Boyle has assembled an excellent collection of essays. Organized Labor and American Politics is a timely subject, the methodology is sophisticated, and the research is impressive. The editor has written an insightful and synthetic introduction which ties it all together quite well." -- Nelson Lichtenstein, University o...(Read More)
Organizing the Unemployed
Organizing the Unemployed (July 1996)
Community and Union Activists in the Industrial Heartland
James J. Lorence - Author

Examines the organization of the unemployed during the Great Depression and demonstrates the linkage between their mobilization and automobile-industry organization.

"For years, labor and social historians have bemoaned the need for precisely this kind of study. Lorence's choice of a major industrial state, Michigan, which gave rise to the largest industrial union in the country, the UAW, is apt. Anyone interested in th...(Read More)
The Immigrant Left in the United States
The Immigrant Left in the United States (April 1996)
Paul Buhle - Editor
Dan Georgakas - Editor

A transnational social history of immigrant-group involvement in radical activities in nineteenth- and twentieth-century America that provides missing links between the immigration experience, the neighborhood, the workplace, politics, and culture.

"What I like most about this book is its unusual coverage of different ethnic and racial groups. Many of the essays have a transnational perspective on immigrant political cul...(Read More)
Autowork (May 1995)
Robert Asher - Editor
Ronald Edsforth - Editor
Stephen Merlino - With assistance from

An anthology of original essays on the history of work experience in automobile factories, from 1913 to the present.

"This is an absolutely marvelous anthology surveying and analyzing the rich history and changing character of autowork in twentieth-century America. It is one of the few books that analyzes the auto industry and its workforce from its origins to the present." -- Stephen Meyer, author of The Five Dollar Day: Labor M...(Read More)
Cold War in the Working Class
Cold War in the Working Class (December 1994)
The Rise and Decline of the United Electrical Workers
Ronald L. Filippelli - Author
Mark D. McColloch - Author

"This is an important and engaging study of one of the most dynamic and effective of the industrial unions of the CIO era. Filippelli and McColloch have used the UE and CIO records to good effect to present a vivid picture of the ideological conflicts of the early Cold War era. Cold War in the Working Class documents the excesses of post-World War II anti-Communism and sheds important light on the dilemmas faced by trade unionists in a peri...(Read More)
Militancy, Market Dynamics, and Workplace Authority
Militancy, Market Dynamics, and Workplace Authority (December 1994)
The Struggle over Labor Process Outcomes in the U.S. Automobile Industry, 1946 to 1973
James R. Zetka Jr. - Author

This book is an account of the political economy of labor relations in the U.S. automobile industry from the end of World War II to the 1970s. Zetka develops a sophisticated paradigm of hegemonic and competitive market conditions that challenges dominant theories of postwar industrial relations, linking rates of workplace militancy to product market fluctuations, variations in work organization, and differences in authority systems legitimated on t...(Read More)
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