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Jewish Baby Boomers
Jewish Baby Boomers (January 2001)
A Communal Perspective
Chaim I. Waxman - Author

A thorough analysis of the religious and ethnic identification of America's Jewish baby boomers.

This book critically analyzes American Jewish baby boomers, focusing on the implications of their Jewish identity and identification for the collective American Jewish community. Utilizing data obtained from the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey, the book begins with a demographic portrait of American Jewish baby bo...(Read More)
The Conservative Movement in Judaism
The Conservative Movement in Judaism (September 2000)
Dilemmas and Opportunities
Daniel J. Elazar - Author
Rela Mintz Geffen - Author

Illustrates how the American Conservative Movement in Judaism can continue to prosper amidst ideological and institutional challenges.

Viewing the Conservative Movement at a turning point, this book analyzes the problems facing the religious movement with the largest synagogue membership in the American Jewish community and outlines a plan of action for the future. Elazar and Geffen suggest: clarifying ideology, mission, and purpose, f...(Read More)
The Next Generation
The Next Generation (June 2000)
Jewish Children and Adolescents
Ariela Keysar - Author
Barry A. Kosmin - Author
Jeffrey Scheckner - Author

Focusing on the more than one million Jewish children and adolescents living in the United States, this book questions the future of the Jewish community's next generation.

The Next Generation
offers valuable analyses of the critical issues concerning the entire United States Jewish community. Drawing on the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS), the book questions the future of the Jewish community's next ge...(Read More)
Jewish Life and American Culture
Jewish Life and American Culture (May 2000)
Sylvia Barack Fishman - Author

Illustrates how some Jews have created a new, hybrid form of Judaism, merging American values and behaviors with those from historical Jewish traditions.

Jews in the United States are uniquely American in their connections to Jewish religion and ethnicity. Sylvia Barack Fishman in her groundbreaking book, Jewish Life and American Culture, shows that contemporary Jews have created a hybrid new form of Judais...(Read More)
Jewish Choices
Jewish Choices (December 1997)
American Jewish Denominationalism
Bernard Lazerwitz - Author
J. Alan Winter - Author
Arnold Dashefsky - Author
Ephraim Tabory - Author

Illustrates how and why Jewish denominational preferences are more a matter of individual choice than family heritage.

Having a religious preference and expressing it via a denominational choice is a fundamental way Americans relate to their society. Similarly, American Jews have divided their religion into four parts--Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and no preference Jews. This book focuses on how Jewish lifestyles are...(Read More)
Gender Equality and American Jews
Gender Equality and American Jews (August 1996)
Moshe Hartman - Author
Harriet Hartman - Author

Based on the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey, this book analyzes gender equality in education, labor force participation, and occupational achievement among American Jews, and offers a comparison with the wider American population and Israeli Jews.
"The authors demonstrate an impressive understanding of the general history of Jews in the United States and in Israel, and they use this social history to provide a helpful cultural mat...(Read More)
Jews on the Move
Jews on the Move (January 1996)
Implications for Jewish Identity
Sidney Goldstein - Author
Alice Goldstein - Author

Based on data from the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey, the authors examine the high level of mobility among American Jews and their increasing dispersion throughout the United States, and how this presents new challenges to the national Jewish community.

"The clear documentation of the creation of a national Jewish community, the description of the shifting Jewish nature of the country's regions, and the analysis of the...(Read More)
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