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Globalization and Survival in the Black Diaspora
Globalization and Survival in the Black Diaspora (July 1997)
The New Urban Challenge
Charles Green - Editor

Links the plight of contemporary urban dwellers of African descent across North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa, examines their coping strategies, and advocates social policies sensitive to their cultural and societal differences.

"The construction of theory about the black experience in the 21st century cannot be grounded solely in the concept of the nation-state. With the transform...(Read More)
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (June 1997)
The Passage of the Law That Ended Racial Segregation
Robert D. Loevy - Editor

Tells the story (in the participants' own words) of how a determined southern filibuster was turned back in the U. S. Senate and the 1964 Civil Rights Act made into law.

This book details, in a series of first-person accounts, how Hubert Humphrey and other dedicated civil rights supporters fashioned the famous cloture vote that turned back the determined southern filibuster in the U. S. Senate and got the monumental Ci...(Read More)
We Have No Leaders
We Have No Leaders (September 1996)
African Americans in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Robert C. Smith - Author
Ronald W. Walters - Foreword by

This comprehensive study of African American politics since the civil rights era concludes that the black movement has been co-opted, marginalized, and almost wholly incorporated into mainstream institutions.

This is the first comprehensive study of African American politics from the end of the 1960s civil rights era to the present. Not an optimistic book, it concludes that the black movement has been almost wh...(Read More)
Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era (July 1995)
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Robert C. Smith - Author

This book convincingly demonstrates that racism continues to exist in contemporary American society twenty-five years after the civil rights revolution.

"In this insightful book, Robert C. Smith has no reservations about using the 'R' word (racism) as the most accurate label for the still-extensive system of white-generated oppression facing African-Americans. Providing careful, systematic documentation, Smith examines the expre...(Read More)
Ideal Citizens
Ideal Citizens (March 1993)
The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement
James Max Fendrich - Author

"Fendrich's book represents an invaluable corrective to the tendency to view the 'sixties experience' as synonymous with the lives of white college students. Not only did the era begin with the black student sit-in movement, but a far larger percentage of black college students participated in some form of protest activity than did their white student counterparts. The book is also unique for the empirical comparison it affords of the past and pre...(Read More)
Race, Class, and Culture
Race, Class, and Culture (July 1992)
A Study in Afro-American Mass Opinion
Robert C. Smith - Author
Richard Seltzer - Author

Race is arguably the most profound and enduring cleavage in American society and politics. This book examines the sources and dynamics of the race cleavage in American society through a detailed analysis of intergroup and intragroup differences at the level of mass opinion. The ethclass theory, which examines the intersection of ethnicity and class, is used to analyze interracial differences in mass attitudes. This analysis yields three clusters...(Read More)
From TB to AIDS
From TB to AIDS (July 1991)
Epidemics among Urban Blacks since 1900
David McBride - Author

There are three things which stand out about this book: first is its breadth -- this book is noteworthy as the first major attempt to write a comprehensive social history of twentieth-century American medicine and public health as they relate to the African American community. Second is the author's extensive use of previously untapped documents and archives. Finally, the book is rich in detail.

"Without doubt this book will be one of the ...(Read More)
Race, Place, and Risk
Race, Place, and Risk (August 1990)
Black Homicide in Urban America
Harold M. Rose - Author
Paula D. McClain - Author

Based on data from some of the larger black communities in the U.S., this book shows the impact of both individual and environmental influences on black homicide. While it primarily addresses black-on-black homicide, its purpose is to illustrate the effect of the environment on increasing the likelihood of victimization. Race, Place, and Risk demonstrates how changes in the urban economy during the past twenty-five years have played a major r...(Read More)
The Harlem Fox
The Harlem Fox (December 1988)
J. Raymond Jones and Tammany, 1920-1970
John C. Walter - Author

"I became fascinated with the political career of J. Raymond Jones. The book contains important inside information on Black politics in New York. I gained new insights into Jones's role in the promotion of political careers of individuals such as Adam Clayton Powell and Constance Baker Motley. This book provides the first opportunity for researchers on ethnic politics to compare the factors central to the shaping of the political careers of Black po...(Read More)
When the Marching Stopped
When the Marching Stopped (July 1988)
The Politics of Civil Rights Regulatory Agencies
Hanes Walton Jr. - Author

This book takes the "next step" in the study of the civil rights movement in the United States. To date, the vast majority of books on the civil rights movement have analyzed either the origins and philosophies, or the strategies and tactics of the movement. When the Marching Stopped is the first comprehensive and systematic study of the various civil rights regulatory agencies created under Titles VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. ...(Read More)
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