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Black Haze
Black Haze (January 2004)
Violence, Sacrifice, and Manhood in Black Greek-Letter Fraternities
Ricky L. Jones - Author

The first book solely devoted to the subject of black fraternity hazing.

As a fraternity member, past chapter president, and former national committee representative, Ricky L. Jones is uniquely qualified to write about the sometimes deadly world of black fraternity hazing. Examining five major black Greek-letter fraternities, Jones maintains that hazing rituals within these fraternities are more deeply ingrained, phys...(Read More)
Black Power in the Suburbs
Black Power in the Suburbs (October 2002)
The Myth or Reality of African American Suburban Political Incorporation
Valerie C. Johnson - Author

The first comprehensive study of African American suburban political empowerment.

The country’s largest concentration of African American suburban affluence represents a unique laboratory to study the internal factors associated with African American political ascendancy and the convergence of race and class. Black Power in the Suburbs chronicles Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the twenty-three...(Read More)
Foreign Policy and the Black (Inter)national Interest
Foreign Policy and the Black (Inter)national Interest (August 2000)
Charles P. Henry - Editor

Examines African American influence on United States foreign policy in the post-Cold War era.

With African Americans largely absent from the debate over post-Cold War foreign policy, this book gives voice to ways in which our foreign policy has fallen short of multi-cultural democratic ideals and suggests corrective measures. Covering such global issues as drug and arms control, trade, democracy-building and education, and such country...(Read More)
Black Atlantic Politics
Black Atlantic Politics (August 2000)
Dilemmas of Political Empowerment in Boston and Liverpool
William E. Nelson Jr. - Author

Winner of the 2000 Best Book on Comparative Racial and Ethnic Politics Presented by the American Political Science Association, Section of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
Groundbreaking research on Black political participation and urban race relations on both sides of the Atlantic.

This first comprehensive comparative study of Black politics focuses on American and British settings--Boston and Liverpool. The author argues tha...(Read More)
Women in Chains
Women in Chains (November 1999)
The Legacy of Slavery in Black Women's Fiction
Venetria K. Patton - Author

CHOICE 2000 Outstanding Academic Book
Traces the connection between slavery and the way in which black women fiction writers depict female characters and address gender issues, particularly maternity.

Using writers such as Harriet Wilson, Frances E. W. Harper, Pauline Hopkins, Toni Morrison, Sherley Anne Williams, and Gayl Jones, the author highlights recurring themes and the various responses of black women writers to the i...(Read More)
The Color of Freedom
The Color of Freedom (April 1999)
Race and Contemporary American Liberalism
David Carroll Cochran - Author

Offers a fresh, distinctive, and compelling analysis of the United States's continuing dilemma of race.

Using liberal political theory to explore the politics of race in the United States, The Color of Freedom offers a fresh, distinctive, and compelling analysis of the country's continuing dilemma of race. Cochran develops an argument about how contemporary liberalism understands race, what is inadequate about thi...(Read More)
African American Leadership
African American Leadership (March 1999)
Ronald W. Walters - Author
Robert C. Smith - Author

CHOICE 2000 Outstanding Academic Book
Written by two of the nation’s preeminent scholars on the topic, this book provides a panoramic overview of black leadership in the United States.
"This book is the first comprehensive treatment of black leadership to date. It is both historical and contemporary in its breadth and depth." -- Rickey Hill, South Carolina State University
Written by two preeminent scholars of the subject,...(Read More)
The Shifting Wind
The Shifting Wind (January 1999)
The Supreme Court and Civil Rights from Reconstruction to Brown
John R. Howard - Author

"This is a book written in sprightly and, often, moving prose about the role of the high court in pushing--or subverting--civil rights, particularly as such pertains to African Americans. It analyzes the leading cases ranging from the Slaughterhouse cases to Plessy to Buchanan to Brown. It is difficult to conceive of a more significant topic than this one.

"What I like most about this work is that it...(Read More)
Desegregation in Boston and Buffalo
Desegregation in Boston and Buffalo (September 1998)
The Influence of Local Leaders
Steven J. L. Taylor - Author

Examines how citizens and the political leadership of two cities dealt with controversial court orders to end the segregation of public schools.

Desegregation in Boston and Buffalo examines how the citizens and the political leadership of the two cities dealt with controversial court orders to end the segregation of public schools. Although the cities shared many similarities, they witnessed very dissimilar outcomes. Taylor cove...(Read More)
Beyond the Boundaries
Beyond the Boundaries (September 1997)
Reverend Jesse Jackson in International Affairs
Karin L. Stanford - Author

Winner of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists 1998 Outstanding Book Award

This first book-length study of Jesse Jackson's international activities places his activism abroad in theoretical and historical perspective and shows how it belongs to a tradition of U.S. citizen diplomacy as old as the Republic.

"This is an excellent book, one that attests to the brilliant work o...(Read More)
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