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Panorama of the Hudson River
Panorama of the Hudson River (January 2010)
From New York to Albany
William Wade - Author
William Croome - Author

Reprint of the famous 1847 Wade and Croome Hudson River map.
Replete with stunning, colorful detail, this panoramic travel guide to the Hudson River offers an unforgettable glimpse of a long-ago, simpler world. Originally stretching twelve feet, this map showcases all of the mid-nineteenth-century settlements and notable natural features from New York City to Albany.

Distributed for the Albany Institute of History ...(Read More)
Hudson River Panorama
Hudson River Panorama (November 2009)
A Passage through Time
Tammis K. Groft - Author
W. Douglas McCombs - Author
Ruth Greene-McNally - Author
Christine M. Miles - With a Foreword by
John R. Stilgoe - And an Essay by

Award-Winning Finalist in the Best Interior Design category of the “Best Books 2010” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

Award-Winning Finalist in the Best Cover Design category of the “Best Books 2010” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

Beautifully illustrated history of the Hudson River and its impact on the peoples and landscape of New York State.

Horsing Around is the first publication devoted to the design, manufacture, and use of cast-iron hitching posts in America. This catalogue highlights the extraordinary collection of cast-iron hitching posts owned by Phil and Bunny Savino and exhibited in 2008 by the Albany Institute of History and Art. In addition to new...(Read More)
Indian Ladder
Indian Ladder (January 2007)
A Lyric Journey
John Yang - Photographer

Beautiful landscape photographs of the Helderberg Escarpment in New York State by renowned photographer John Yang.

Since 2001, New York City photographer John Yang has captured in amazing detail the beauty of the landscape around Thacher Park, fifteen miles west of Albany, New York. The park is marked by a massive wall of rock nearly 1,100 feet in height, known as the Helderberg Escarpment. It is a prominent ...(Read More)

Paul Cushman
Paul Cushman (January 2007)
The Work and World of an Early 19th Century Albany Potter
Albany Institute of History and Art - Author

Overview of the life, work, times, and legacy of a renowned Albany potter.

The life, time, and work of a renowned Albany potter comes vividly to life in these pages. Paul Cushman (1767–1833) is recognized today as one of the founders of a regional stoneware industry that stretched throughout the upper Hudson River valley of New York State. When Cushman moved to Albany around 1800, local stoneware production wa...(Read More)
Richard Callner
Richard Callner (January 2003)
50 Year Retrospective
Albany Institute of History and Art - Author

Career retrospective of modernist Albany painter Richard Callner.

Luminescent and evocative, the art of Albany, New York, painter Richard Callner offers a distinctive yet constantly changing perspective on modern painting. Born in Lithuania in 1927, Callner grew up in Chicago. He credits his early visits to the Field Museum of Natural History as having a strong influence on his early monster paintings. At ...(Read More)

Albany Institute of History and Art
Albany Institute of History and Art (January 1998)
200 Years of Collecting
Tammis K. Groft - Editor
Mary Alice Mackay - Editor

Beautifully illustrated introduction to and overview of the collections of the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Founded in 1791, the Albany Institute of History and Art is one of the nation’s oldest cultural institutions. Today, it boasts outstanding collections largely focused on New York State’s upper Hudson River valley. These include Hudson River school landscape paintings, portraits by Ezra Ame...(Read More)
Open-Air Sketching
Open-Air Sketching (January 1998)
Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Drawings in the Albany Institute of History and Art
Elizabeth K. Allen - Author

Nineteenth-century landscape and outdoor drawings and sketches by the Hudson River school artists and others.

Showcased in these pages are nineteenth-century American drawings by Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Sanford Gifford, Jasper Cropsey, William Stanley Haseltine, Walter Launt Palmer, and other members of the Hudson River school. Included are rarely seen works by Cole and other first-generation Hudson River sch...(Read More)
From Stonecutter to Sculptor
From Stonecutter to Sculptor (January 1996)
Charles Calverley, 1833-1914
Elizabeth K. Allen - Author

First-ever career-spanning retrospective of the nineteenth-century New York sculptor.

The first book-length look at one of upstate New York’s most notable artists, From Stonecutter to Sculptor traces the long and prolific career of Charles Calverley, who completed more than 250 busts, medallions, tablets, and statues during his lifetime. Beginning as a stonecutter in an Albany marble shop, Calverley th...(Read More)
Remembrance of Patria
Remembrance of Patria (January 1988)
Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America, 1609-1776
Roderic H. Blackburn - Author
Ruth Piwonka - Author

An essential guide to the history, culture, and social life of New Netherland.

How much of the Dutch world in America survived after the English? One hundred years after the English took control of New Netherland in 1664, New York retained many Dutch characteristics. The cultural milieu shifted abruptly, however, with population growth and increased affluence following the termination of the French and Indian Wars ...(Read More)
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