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Women and Language in Transition
Women and Language in Transition (August 1987)
Joyce Penfield - Editor

This collection of essays deals with the interplay of language and social change, asking the question: How can language and society be made gender equal? The contributors examine the critical role of language in the lives of white women and women of color in the United States. Since language pervades many dimensions of women's lives, this study takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the issues considered.

The volume is divided into three s...(Read More)
Israeli Mythogynies
Israeli Mythogynies (July 1987)
Women in Contemporary Hebrew Fiction
Esther Fuchs - Author

This book is the first to systematically examine the representation of women by mainstream Hebrew authors from the Palmah Generation to the New Wave. Fuchs' unique analytical method exposes the male-centered bias which often inspires the works of such prominent and widely translated authors as S. Yizhar, Moshe Shamir, A. B. Yehoshua and Amos Oz. She exposes both the continuities and the transformations in the literary represen...(Read More)
Origins of Protective Labor Legislation for Women, 1905-1925
Origins of Protective Labor Legislation for Women, 1905-1925 (July 1987)
Susan Lehrer - Author

In this comprehensive, wide-ranging analysis, Susan Lehrer investigates the origins of protective labor legislation for women, exposing the social forces that contributed to its passage and the often contradictory effects it had on those it was designed to protect. A rapidly expanding female work force is prompting both employers and society to rethink attitudes and policies toward working women. Lehrer provides critical insight into current issue...(Read More)
Women, State, and Ideology
Women, State, and Ideology (June 1987)
Studies from Africa and Asia
Haleh Afshar - Editor

Women, State, and Ideology examines the underlying ideologies that make female subordination a universal experience. It analyzes government policies directed at women in African and Asian countries. It argues, too, that ideologies which oppress women are removed only by prolonged struggle--and then only after fundamental political and social changes have been made.

The authors evaluate different policies aimed at women...(Read More)
Women in World Religions
Women in World Religions (April 1987)
Arvind Sharma - Editor
Katherine K. Young - Introduction

This is a book by women about women in the religions of the world. It presents all the basic facts and ideological issues concerning the position of women in the major religious traditions of humanity: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and tribal religions.

A special feature of the book is its phenomenological approach, wherein scholars examine sacred textual materials. Each contributor not only studies h...(Read More)
Ingredients for Women's Employment Policy
Ingredients for Women's Employment Policy (April 1987)
Christine Bose - Editor
Glenna Spitze - Editor

“This collection of essays on women's employment makes an important contribution to the field of women and work. Although the articles cover a wide range of subjects (labor migration, union leadership, occupational segregation, the gender gap in earnings, underemployment and unemployment, and the many issues raised by comparable worth), they form an admirably coherent whole which contributes to a high level of analysis. Collectively the es...(Read More)
Open Country, Iowa
Open Country, Iowa (October 1986)
Rural Women, Tradition, and Change
Deborah Fink - Author

Open Country, Iowa links anthropology and history in a woman's perspective on the changing social patterns of rural Iowa communities. Using life stories which she has collected, Deborah Fink explores the experiences of today's women. She traces them to past influences, beginning with the time of the first settlers, and shows how family, religion, and work have changed over the years. Her interpretation of social patterns as determined by t...(Read More)
Woman Abuse
Woman Abuse (December 1985)
Facts Replacing Myths
Lewis Okun - Author

Battered women and woman abusers. Which beliefs about them are becoming substantiated by empirical evidence, and which have now been debunked as fallacies or myths?

Woman Abuse: Facts Replacing Myths presents an extensive review of the literature in the field. It provides the results of important original research conducted by the author and surveys the current literature on conjugal violence. The author highlights the parallels bet...(Read More)
Schooling the Daughters of Marianne
Schooling the Daughters of Marianne (June 1984)
Textbooks and the Socialization of Girls in Modern French Primary Schools
Linda L. Clark - Author

This first book-length study of girls' primary education in France gives a concrete picture of how Frenchwomen were, and are, prepared for their roles in society.

Until the 1960s, the primary school provided the only formal education for the majority of French children. Long recognized as a major inculcator of patriotic and moral values, the French primary school also played the vital role of preparing girls for their expected adult lives....(Read More)
Women in the Ancient World
Women in the Ancient World (June 1984)
The Arethusa Papers
John Peradotto - Editor
J. P. Sullivan - Editor

One of the reasons for the study of the Greek and Roman classics is their perpetual relevance. In no area can this position be more clearly defended than in the investigation of the feminine condition, for it was here that basic attitudes derogatory to the sex were molded by legal and social systems, by philosophers and poets, and by the thinking of men long since gone.

Women in the Ancient World brings together essays that examine ph...(Read More)
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