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Changing Education
Changing Education (July 1990)
Women as Radicals and Conservators
Joyce Antler - Editor
Sari Knopp Biklen - Editor

"By combining history, theory, philosophy, case studies and monographs with broader issues, Changing Education shows how educational experience and knowledge are deeply gendered. One of its strengths--indeed the excitement of women's studies in general--is its breadth and interdisciplinary nature. It pays attention to such issues in feminist theory andwomen's studies as women's culture and the sameness versus difference debate; at the sa...(Read More)
Circles of Care
Circles of Care (July 1990)
Work and Identity in Women's Lives
Emily K. Abel - Editor
Margaret K. Nelson - Editor

This work examines the experience of women providing care to children, disabled persons, the chronically ill, and the frail elderly. It differs from most writing about caregiving because it focuses on the providers rather than the care recipients. It looks at the experience of women caregivers in specific settings, exploring what caregiving actually entails and what it means in their lives.

"What impresses me the most is the careful and nuanc...(Read More)
Confessing Excess
Confessing Excess (July 1990)
Women and the Politics of Body Reduction
Carole Spitzack - Author

Looking at the discourse on female weight reduction in American culture, Confessing Excess analyzes contemporary dieting and the weight loss literature by taking up the themes of confession and surveillance. Spitzack argues that dieting is characterized by confession (of "excess") which women internalize and which necessitates ongoing surveillance or monitoring of the body. Informal conversations and in-depth interviews also juxtapose women...(Read More)
Exiles and Communities
Exiles and Communities (July 1990)
Teaching in the Patriarchal Wilderness
Jo Anne Pagano - Author

This book is a meditation on the profession of teaching from the perspective of a woman whose intellectual identity as teacher and writer is inseparable from her whole life as a woman. Pagano brings the methods and insights of feminist psychoanalytic literary criticism to bear on a reading of her own educational practice in order to reach a transformed understanding of the educational enterprise. She raises serious questions: How are we implicated...(Read More)
Women at the Wall
Women at the Wall (May 1990)
A Study of Prisoners' Wives Doing Time on the Outside
Laura T. Fishman - Author

Women at the Wall is the first ethnographic study of how the arrest, trial, imprisonment, and release of male criminals affects their families, particularly their wives. It relies on first-person accounts by prisoners' wives, providing details about the changing texture of their marital relationships and the accompanying stigmatization.

From this book we learn about the effects of enforced spousal separation, and the control husbands ...(Read More)
Fleeting Opportunities
Fleeting Opportunities (May 1990)
Women Shipyard Workers in Portland and Vancouver During World War II and Reconversion
Amy Kesselman - Author

"The real strength of this book is the careful reconstruction of the daily lives of the wartime women both on the job and in the community. The author takes us into that inner world of events and experiences, by way of the oral testimony of the workers themselves." -- Pete Hoefer, AFL-CIO

This book tells the story of the daily lives of women industrial workers in World War II shipyards. It focuses on their struggle against the persistence o...(Read More)
Exploring/Teaching the Psychology of Women
Exploring/Teaching the Psychology of Women (March 1990)
A Manual of Resources
Michele A. Paludi - Author

The first of its kind, this manual presents educational approaches and processes which reflect feminist principles for teachers and leaders of courses and workshops in the psychology of women. Sample syllabi, outlines, references, lists of audio-visual material, organizations, discussion questions, and experiential exercises reflect the content areas typically covered in these courses: achievement, sexuality, health, adjustment, psychotherapy, co...(Read More)
Work Without Wages
Work Without Wages (March 1990)
Comparative Studies of Domestic Labor and Self-Employment
Jane L. Collins - Editor
Martha E. Gimenez - Editor

This book expands recent research on the economic significance of household-based production for family consumption and for the wider market. While the importance of women's domestic labor has been generally recognized, the complex articulation between household activities and the changing nature of the economy has rarely been examined in greater depth than in this volume. The authors explore, theoretically and empirically, the relationships betwe...(Read More)
Feminist Dialogics
Feminist Dialogics (July 1988)
A Theory of Failed Community
Dale M. Bauer - Author

Feminist Dialogics examines the structure of four novels (Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance, James's The Golden Bowl, Wharton's The House of Mirth and Chopin's The Awakening) through the lens of Mikhail Bakhtin's critical framework. The author draws on Bakhtin's notion of heteroglossia to show how the interaction of many voices forms the social community of the novel and how the functioning of these voices makes ...(Read More)
Changing Our Minds
Changing Our Minds (March 1988)
Feminist Transformations of Knowledge
Susan H. Aiken - Editor
Karen Anderson - Editor
Myra Dinnerstein - Editor
Judy N. Temple - Editor

What happens when traditionally-trained academics begin to reconsider their disciplines in light of recent feminist scholarship? This book was written by academics outside Women's Studies programs who have changed their minds about the foundations of their disciplines.

The authors share a commitment to explore the cultural construction of gender and the gendered construction of culture. Each chapter simultaneously examines and...(Read More)

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