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The Politics of Voice
The Politics of Voice (February 1992)
Liberalism and Social Criticism from Franklin to Kingston
Malini Johar Schueller - Author

"I am very impressed by Schueller's identification and analysis of the generic identity of these disparate texts as well as by her deft handling of the complex issues of the politics within and among them. I think that in itself constitutes a significant contribution to American literary scholarship. The author has done an excellent job of laying out the formal and rhetorical strategies common among these books that she labels as personal-politica...(Read More)
Women in Engineering
Women in Engineering (February 1992)
Gender, Power, and Workplace Culture
Judith S. McIlwee - Author
J. Gregg Robinson - Author

Who are the women who became engineers in the 1970s and 1980s?

How have they fared in the most male-dominated profession in America? This is the first book to answer these questions. It explores the backgrounds, family lives, work experiences, and attitudes of engineers in order to explain the unequal patterns of career development for women, who generally hold lower positions and receive fewer promotions than their male coun...(Read More)
They Call Her Pastor
They Call Her Pastor (February 1992)
A New Role for Catholic Women
Ruth A. Wallace - Author

"The book portrays a clear and detailed picture of the life and work of Catholic women pastors. The anecdotes and quotes make the people come alive. (It also) gives us the first look at an important religious phenomenon. It deals with the Church's struggle to come to grips with social changes in twentieth-century American society. These shifts include the women's movement, secularization, and desacralization of church structures. These p...(Read More)
The Annual Review of Women in World Religions
The Annual Review of Women in World Religions (October 1991)
Volume I
Arvind Sharma - Editor
Katherine K. Young - Editor

This annual encourages the exploration of horizons and perspectives in women's studies not possible otherwise. It is not confined in scope to the traditional religions--it also includes new religious movements within its scope, while at the same time providing an outlet for specialized studies on women in traditional religions to reach a wider audience. It thus incorporates both the traditional and contemporary dimension.

This work grew out...(Read More)
Transforming the Curriculum
Transforming the Curriculum (October 1991)
Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies
Johnnella E. Butler - Editor
John C. Walter - Editor

"This book represents a new vision of curricular change in higher education and presents the theoretical and practical bases for accomplishing it. It bridges the gap between women's studies and ethnic studies, two interdisciplinary bodies of knowledge that have provided significant and important pedagogical innovations in the academy; the dialogue between these two fields has the potential to guide thinking about curricular change for faculty in al...(Read More)
Education and Women's Work
Education and Women's Work (August 1991)
Female Schooling and the Division of Labor in Urban America, 1870-1930
John L. Rury - Author

"This book fills an immense lacuna in the history of women's education, the history of secondary education, and the history of curriculum. The use of multiple sources of information is ambitious and unusual. The lines of interpretation are provocative and fundamental, creating new conceptual dimensions for historians of women, education, and labor to explore.

"Education and Women's Work is a fine, complex book." ...(Read More)
Poems (July 1991)
Rosalia de Castro - Author
Anna-Marie Aldaz - Editor, translator and introduction by
Barbara N. Gantt - Editor, translator and introduction by
Anne C. Bromley - Editor, translator and foreword by
Joseph Boles - Foreword by

"As a lover of Rosalia's poetry and a Galician myself, I was deeply touched by the beauty of this English rendering of her work, which will constitute a most valuable addition to Rosalia de Castro studies." -- Carlos Feal, State University of New York at Buffalo

This book presents translations of poems by the Spanish poet, Rosalia de Castro, who is today considered one of the outstanding figures of nineteeth-century Spanish literature....(Read More)
The History of Lady Sophia Sternheim
The History of Lady Sophia Sternheim (July 1991)
Extracted by a Woman Friend of the Same from Original Documents and Other Reliable Sources
Sophie von LaRoche - Author
Christa Baguss Britt - Translator

"This novel, phenomenally popular in its day, shows that historians of the novel have forgotten that women did write, did compose bestsellers, and that -- contrary to Hawthorne's complaint -- they were not all 'damned scribbling women' but Fanny Burneys and Maria Edgeworths, i.e., skillful fictionalizers of their own times. Thus, Professor Britt's translation will help rectify the canon. The novel also, as she points out, is a female Bildungsro...(Read More)
The State and Women in the Economy
The State and Women in the Economy (November 1990)
Lessons from Sex Discrimination in the Republic of Ireland
Jean Larson Pyle - Author

This book examines the effect of state policies on women's roles in the economy. At the most concrete level it investigates the relative lack of response of women's labor force activity rates to export-led development in the Republic of Ireland. At a broader level, it provides critical insights into current labor market debates regarding the causes of women's subordination and the efficacy of state policies designed to alleviate them.

The b...(Read More)
Aging and Menopause Among Indian South African Women
Aging and Menopause Among Indian South African Women (October 1990)
Brian M. du Toit - Author

"Dr. du Toit's study of the aging process and climacteric experience is set in the context of the cultural experience and life meanings of Indian South African women. His book touches upon issues related not only to the history, social organization and family life of this region, but identifies and develops the concept of being a woman throughout the lifespan. I particularly liked the sections on women's health practice, family health behavior and...(Read More)
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