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Metaphors of Interrelatedness
Metaphors of Interrelatedness (October 1992)
Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology
Linda E. Olds - Author

"In an era of ever increasing specialization, both within psychology and between psychology and other 'fields,' this book opens the doors and windows and lets in fresh air. It is a courageous inquiry into knowing in the broadest sense, and a defense of the necessity of this broadest sense if we are to have real progress. If there is hope for the academy to recapture a sense of intellectual mission, instead of functioning as a holding company for n...(Read More)
Giving the Body Its Due
Giving the Body Its Due (July 1992)
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone - Editor

"...moments of insight, recognition, nuance, and brilliance...There is a large literature at present that problematizes various aspects of the body. I do not know of a book that brings together the combination of approaches that this book does. Herein lies the real strength of the book." -- Margaret R. Miles, Bussey Professor of Historical Theology, Harvard University

These essays bring together disciplinary understandings of what it is to ...(Read More)
Inner Peace, World Peace
Inner Peace, World Peace (July 1992)
Essays on Buddhism and Nonviolence
Kenneth Kraft - Editor

What can one person do to foster world peace? How does one person's state of mind affect the state of the world? How can the ideal of nonviolence be manifested in daily life? Buddhists have been exploring questions like these for twenty-five centuries, and they are still timely today.

Inner Peace, World Peace is the first work in any western language to examine the Buddhist approach to nonviolence. Well-known Buddhist scholars, a n...(Read More)
Old Tales and New Truths
Old Tales and New Truths (February 1992)
Charting the Bright-Shadow World
James Roy King - Author

"I like the basic thesis--that traditional narratives can be used, rhetorically, by their tellers as conceptual blockbreakers rather than as reinforcers of what is. This point is very well, even enchantingly, made. King adds a new dimension and sophistication to the study of folk narratives cross culturally. -- Sabra J. Webber, The Ohio State University.

This guidebook to the Bright-Shadow World develops three closely related issues. The f...(Read More)
Meditate (June 1991)
With a New Chapter by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Second Edition
Swami Muktananda - Author

Swami Muktananda offers, in straightforward and often humorous language, an understanding of meditation.

This revised edition includes a new chapter by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. "Meditation is looking within," says Gurumayi. "Look within. Meditate. You will find your own peace. You will find your own treasure."

"This book is a specific and practical how-to primer of meditation, but it is more than an outline of a method. It is i...(Read More)
Body of Knowledge
Body of Knowledge (August 1990)
An Introduction to Body/Mind Psychology
Robert Marrone - Author

This book introduces readers to the many facets of body/mind psychology such as its history and its basis in physiological processes; the framework of its theories and models; its clinical application in counseling, psychotherapy, and the treatment of psychosomatic disorders; and its growing impact on our understanding of healing, communication, and conscious living.

From Freud, Reich, and Lowen to holography and Tibetan Buddhi...(Read More)
The Ego and the Dynamic Ground
The Ego and the Dynamic Ground (January 1988)
A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development
Michael Washburn - Author

"I am particularly struck by the power of his argument against the major alternative view, that of Ken Wilber." -- Richard D. Mann, University of Michigan

"I find it a psychologically more pertinent synthesis of the claims, experiences, and insights in the field of transpersonal development than Wilber's paradigm. It is neater, more parsimonious, and more powerful."
-- James N. Mosel, George Washington University

This book prese...(Read More)
The Heart of History
The Heart of History (July 1987)
Individuality in Evolution
John Weir Perry - Author

This book is about the psychology of acute culture change based on the historical antecedents of such events. It focuses on the spiritual process and the social circumstances of stressful turning points.

In a broad perspective of psychological, historical, and evolutionary considerations, Perry investigates factors that enable cultures in crisis to reorganize. He pursues historical antecedents of cataclysmic times, focusing on man's relation ...(Read More)
Dream Life, Wake Life
Dream Life, Wake Life (January 1987)
Gordon G. Globus - Author

"Dream Life, Wake Life presents an original, clearly explained theory of dreams and associated mental mechanisms that is based on a broad interdisciplinary background, including phenomenology, analytical philosophy, psychoanalysis, and contemporary cognitive psychology." -- Quentin Smith

Attempts to understand the human condition through dreaming reaches back to antiquity, especially in such classical Indian philosophical texts as the ...(Read More)
Gandhi and Non-Violence
Gandhi and Non-Violence (October 1986)
William Borman - Author

“The issues of South Africa and the nuclear bomb and theologies of liberation have for some time spotlighted the question of violence and non-violence. The strength or weakness of Gandhian non-violence often comes up in discussions on the subject. This manuscript analyzes Gandhian non-violence. The analysis is able, thorough and—this is what I most respond to—marked both by rigorous Western-style scrutiny and a familiarity wi...(Read More)
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