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Geography of Gender in the Third World
Geography of Gender in the Third World (August 1987)
Janet H. Momsen - Editor
Janet Townsend - Editor

The Knowledge Context
The Knowledge Context (July 1987)
Comparative Perspectives on the Distribution of Knowledge
Philip G. Altbach - Author

"Phil Altbach presents well the dilemma faced by Third World countries in their search for wider access to the knowledge and technical know-how produced in the industrialized nations. He makes a convincing case for the need of Third World nations to develop their own publishing skills and institutions for a variety of important reasons. Obviously sympathetic to the position of Third World countries at what he calls the periphery of the knowledge c...(Read More)
Women's Education in the Third World
Women's Education in the Third World (June 1983)
Comparative Perspectives
Gail P. Kelly - Editor
Carolyn M. Elliott - Editor

Gail Kelly and Carolyn Elliott have assembled the latest and best available scholarship from a range of disciplines to illuminate the determinants, nature, and outcomes of women's education in third World nations. This study focuses on the undereducation of women in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, delving into its causes, changes in female education patterns and the significance of these changes to societies and to women's lives. ...(Read More)
Political Economy of Rural Development
Political Economy of Rural Development (June 1981)
Rosemary E. Galli - Editor

This volume is concerned with integrated social and economic development in the Third World. It directs special attention to the psychological manipulation of peasants in order to keep them on the land and, where possible, make them more productive.

In Part One, Henry Bernstein outlines and illustrates concepts for the analysis of contemporary peasantries. His introduction provides a general, historical framework for understanding the rel...(Read More)
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