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Derrida and Negative Theology
Derrida and Negative Theology (September 1992)
Harold Coward - Editor
Toby Foshay - Editor
Jacques Derrida - With a conclusion by

This book explores the thought of Jacques Derrida as it relates to the tradition of apophatic thought--negative theology and philosophy--in both Western and Eastern traditions. Following the Introduction by Toby Foshay, two of Derrida's essays on negative theology, Of an Apocalyptic Tone Newly Adopted in Philosophy and How to Avoid Speaking: Denials, are reprinted here. These are followed by essays from a Western perspective by Mark...(Read More)
A Theology Primer
A Theology Primer (October 1991)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"The book is very interesting -- dense and complicated theological issues are reframed and the issues and arguments are adumbrated in clear fashion." -- Lonnie D. Kliever, Southern Methodist University

"Neville has written an elementary textbook of Christian theology that is both readable for the layperson and is also philosophically and theologically sophisticated. He does not exhaust theological doctrines; but, instead, provides a classic...(Read More)
Evil Revisited
Evil Revisited (July 1991)
Responses and Reconsiderations
David Ray Griffin - Author

"The book stands as a major contribution to process theology, and beyond that, to the general problem of theodicy in the 20th century. It takes its place beside the work of Plantinga as a major option for rational theology.

"The overall contribution of process theology has been to make clear the necessity of thinking through the categorical assumptions about our concepts of God, world, and evil. Griffin's work is the most...(Read More)
Re-Figuring Theology
Re-Figuring Theology (July 1991)
The Rhetoric of Karl Barth
Stephen H. Webb - Author

"The status of rhetoric in relation to conceptual thought has been an important issue since the 13th century. With the advent of deconstructionism, it has become more urgent to sort out the implications of the different positions taken on this issue.

"The theology of Karl Barth is a strategic test case for exploring this issue, both because he is a central figure in twentieth century theology and because of the r...(Read More)
Theology and the University
Theology and the University (April 1991)
Essays in Honor of John B. Cobb, Jr.
David Ray Griffin - Editor
Joseph C. Hough Jr. - Editor

This book explores the relationship between theology and the modern university. Most of the essays were written specifically for this volume, and all of them are published here for the first time.

David Ray Griffin, Gordon Kaufman, Hans Kung, Schubert Ogden, and Wolfhart Pannenberg address the question of whether theology belongs in the university at all. Essays by Joseph Hough, Catherine Keller, and Marjorie Suchoki argue that theology has...(Read More)
From Conquest to Struggle
From Conquest to Struggle (January 1991)
Jesus of Nazareth in Latin America
David Batstone - Author

This book goes to the very heart of the passionate debate over the true character of Christian faith and practice. The advance of liberation theology in the Latin American church has caused international reverberations within both the religious and political worlds. The Vatican was moved to denounce it as heretical, and the Reagan-Bush administration has deemed it a significant threat to the stability of the region. Here Batstone evaluates the wr...(Read More)
Divine Power in Process Theism
Divine Power in Process Theism (July 1988)
A Philosophical Critique
David Basinger - Author

"Process theology likes to compare itself favorably to what it calls 'classical theism.' This book takes that comparison seriously and examines process theology's claim to do better than classical theism. Basinger never claims process theology is fundamentally incoherent, but only that as a metaphysical system for making sense of theology, it isn't any better, or even as good as, the older classical systems. The argumentation is clear. It would ...(Read More)
American Religious Empiricism
American Religious Empiricism (July 1986)
William Dean - Author

This is a clear and sharply written defense of the thesis that American empirical theology, especially that associated with the Chicago School, is a postmodern movement in the sense advocated by the deconstructionists. Whereas it usually is thought that Protestant neo-orthodoxy brought life back into theology, Dean argues that it was merely a late gasp of the dying transcendental-signified culture.

It shows what unifies the...(Read More)
Omnipotence and other Theological Mistakes
Omnipotence and other Theological Mistakes (June 1984)
Charles Hartshorne - Author

This book presents Hartshorne's philosophical theology briefly, simply, and vividly.

"Hartshorne speaks with not just conviction, but passion. He cares, and that caring comes through loud and clear. By and large Hartshorne is a very abstract thinker, but this book has a very concrete concern with practical issues of importance to all thinking persons--abortion, environment, love, creationism and fundamentalism as negative forces in our soci...(Read More)
Beings and Their Attributes
Beings and Their Attributes (June 1978)
The Teaching of the Basrian School of the Mu'tazila in the Classical Period
Richard M. Frank - Author

Presents a classification and analysis of the metaphysics of the predominant tradition of Mu-tazila—that of Basra—in the period of the highest development (AD 900–1050). This is the first of the major schools of Sunni Muslim theology and their metaphysics, and the first book to deal with the underlying theoretical principles of earlier Islamic theology.
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