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Double Jeopardy
Double Jeopardy (July 2001)
Addressing Gender Equity in Special Education
Harilyn Rousso - Editor
Michael L. Wehmeyer - Editor

Enables teachers and other school personnel working with students with disabilities to provide a gender equitable educational experience.

Outstanding Academic Title

Highlighting the educational issues of girls and young women with disabilities, Double Jeopardy examines how they are exposed to discrimination based on gender and disability/special education status, and ho...(Read More)
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities (August 1998)
Appropriate Practices for a Diverse Population
Barry Edwards McNamara - Author

Provides a variety of instructional approaches that recognize the cultural and linguistic diversity found in students classified as learning disabled.

This book addresses issues in teacher preparation and parental roles in the education of children with learning disabilities. It provides a variety of instructional approaches that recognize the cultural and linguistic diversity found in students classified as learning dis...(Read More)
Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs
Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs (May 1995)
Arlene Brett - Author
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Author

This book provides an overview of the use of computers to assist individuals who have disabilities. The book provides the reader with a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities and limitations inherent in the emerging field of Adaptive Technology.

Besides providing a general overview of how computers can augment the functions of individuals both physically and mentally, the book goes on to describe in detail currently available hardwar...(Read More)
From "Backwardness" to "At-Risk" (July 1994)
Childhood Learning Difficulties and the Contradictions of School Reform
Barry M. Franklin - Author

"Barry M. Franklin's history of low-achieving, troubled, innocent children is sometimes chilling. For all their ostensible attempts to help children, America's public schools have frequently clipped the wings of youth. With a poet's eye but historian's sensibility, Franklin deftly recovers missing pages of the past. He provides the reader with valuable historical perspective on current policy debates on at-risk children." -- From the Foreword by ...(Read More)
Play and Intervention
Play and Intervention (July 1994)
Joop Hellendoorn - Editor
Rimmert van der Kooij - Editor
Brian Sutton-Smith - Editor

The first section explores why play therapy is used and what play's specific role is in the classical play therapy approach. The second part is devoted to experimental play programs for different types of children with special needs. In the last section, the effects of modern play approaches in primary schools are discussed as well as the influence of these play interventions on cognitive and social skills. This is a book for practitioners and th...(Read More)
At-Risk Students
At-Risk Students (July 1993)
Portraits, Policies, Programs, and Practices
Robert Donmoyer - Editor
Raylene Kos - Editor

"Without coming to grips with the at-risk student problem, school reorganization, new subject matter, instructional methods, and other forms of curriculum reform are all hollow. As one reads the material in this book, it becomes very clear that larger societal issues are at stake, and need to be solved. Oh, that the "Education President" would/could read this kind of material as a basis of making national policy." -- Nelson L. Haggerson, Arizona St...(Read More)
Rhetoric and Civility
Rhetoric and Civility (January 1991)
Human Development, Narcissism, and the Good Audience
Harold Barrett - Author

This book relates the concept of civility to rhetorical disposition, and incivility to indisposition. The author discusses classical rhetorical theory and interprets it for use in all interactions, exploring origins in infancy of the rhetorical disposition and the rhetorical indisposition. He provides four case-study chapters of the lives of individuals illustrating unhealthy narcissism and rhetorical failure -- Jim Jones, Joseph McCarthy, Paul Mo...(Read More)
Time and Learning in the Special Education Classroom
Time and Learning in the Special Education Classroom (October 1990)
Libby Goodman - Author

Focusing on the relationship between time use and learning results, this book explores the instructional processes in special education classrooms. The text emphasizes teacher control of time resources at the classroom level, instructional management strategies that conserve and enhance instructional time, and the efficient and effective use of learning time to enhance student performance outcomes. The dual dimensions of time and task are incorpor...(Read More)
Critical Voices on Special Education
Critical Voices on Special Education (July 1990)
Problems and Progress Concerning the Mildly Handicapped
Scott B. Sigmon - Editor

"Special education needs to make profound changes. This collection voices many proper criticisms and recommendations for change. It is an excellent selection of papers by outstanding authors on important topics. Many professionals in special education are looking for a different direction in the field and will want to read this book." -- Gerald S. Coles, Department of Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

The authors of this work ...(Read More)
The Resource Room
The Resource Room (July 1989)
A Guide for Special Educators
Barry Edwards McNamara - Author

"...a very useable text. The charts and forms which are included will be helpful for new resource room teachers. The Methods section is well done. I anticipate that teachers will use this text as a reference for many years. It will also provide a good overview for administrators and regular education teachers who want to know what a resource room is." -- Ruth F. Gold, Hofstra University

There arecomprehensive textbooks available to specia...(Read More)
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