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Alternative Rhetorics
Alternative Rhetorics (April 2001)
Challenges to the Rhetorical Tradition
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor
Sibylle Gruber - Editor

Challenges the traditional rhetorical canon.

Alternative Rhetorics questions traditional canons of rhetorical thought, and offers new perspectives on rhetorics historically overlooked within Western culture. Along with establishing new methodologies for investigating the history of rhetorics, the book also explores rhetoric's changing relationship with technology. By challenging the reader's understanding of rhe...(Read More)
Kenneth Burke and the 21st Century
Kenneth Burke and the 21st Century (November 1998)
Bernard L. Brock - Editor

Kenneth Burke was an influential thinker, literary critic, and rhetorician in the transition between the 20th and 21st centuries. This volume, edited by an influential Burkean scholar, addresses the question: Who was Burke and how can his work be helpful to those who must face new problems and challenges?

"For the first time we have an account of the development of Burke's thought over seven decades. Kenneth Burke an...(Read More)
Speech and Political Practice
Speech and Political Practice (February 1998)
Recovering the Place of Human Responsibility
Murray Jardine - Author

Argues that rebuilding ethical communities will require a cultural reorientation from visually dominated to oral/aural experience and develops a speech-based conception of moral place that can set limits on the actions of individuals and communities.

"Written with verve and clarity, Jardine's book deals with and untangles an important, indeed pressing, set of tangled issues. It is a lucid and able attempt, against the po...(Read More)
Telling the Success Story
Telling the Success Story (June 1997)
Acclaiming and Disclaiming Discourse
Pamela J. Benoit - Author

Pamela Benoit analyzes the success story as a delicate interpersonal accomplishment that involves balancing complimenting, bragging, modesty, and self-enhancement. She argues that success stories are self-presentations that are fundamental to interpersonalcommunication. This discourse involves the negotiation of personal identities and affects relational outcomes. It is important for individuals, businesses, and other organizations to create a favor...(Read More)
Silencing the Opposition
Silencing the Opposition (November 1996)
Government Strategies of Suppression of Freedom of Expression
Craig R. Smith - Editor

Examines major challenges to the First Amendment using case studies of the various forms of governmental suppression in U. S. history.

"This book is highly intelligent for those with an interest in the U. S. Constitution and especially the meaning and theory of the First Amendment. It is a very well written, effectively supported book that can contribute significantly to the growing body of literature on freedom of expr...(Read More)
Theory, Text, Context
Theory, Text, Context (October 1996)
Issues in Greek Rhetoric and Oratory
Christopher Lyle Johnstone - Editor

Leading scholars of classical rhetoric address contemporary topics in Greek rhetoric and oratory.

This is a bone-crushing confrontation of contemporary questions about the origins and early development of Greek rhetorical theory and practice. It examines a number of important issues from several new perspectives, and offers a more complex and multi-faceted account of the early history of rhetoric than is to be found anywhere else. It i...(Read More)
Legitimating the Chinese Economic Reforms
Legitimating the Chinese Economic Reforms (July 1996)
A Rhetoric of Myth and Orthodoxy
Alan R. Kluver - Author

Argues that the legitimacy of the Chinese government relies on two factors: the national myth of revolution and ideological orthodoxy.

The reform program of Deng Xiaoping in the People's Republic of China constitutes one of the most significant political and social change programs in recent history. A singularly important question arises from this experiment: How does a nation implement a stock market and call it Marx...(Read More)
The Theory and Practice of Political Communication Research
The Theory and Practice of Political Communication Research (March 1996)
Mary E. Stuckey - Editor

Provides insight into the world of political communication through its explication of theory and research methodology.

Focusing on theoretical and methodological insight, this book brings together scholars from a variety of fields whose research is guided by diverse analytical approaches. Instead of focusing on what divides scholars, the authors explore areas of intellectual community, building a more systematic and rigorous understand...(Read More)
Situating Selves
Situating Selves (February 1996)
The Communication of Social Identities in American Scenes
Donal Carbaugh - Author

Provides a communication theory of identity. Shows how listening to communication in cultural scenes can help reveal how deeply identity is situated in various communicative practices.

"This is a mature voice of an accomplished scholar at its best: well informed, empirically grounded, open-minded, probing, and jumping between specifics and larger questions of general importance. I like the diversity of 'scenes' combined with th...(Read More)
Zen in the Art of Rhetoric
Zen in the Art of Rhetoric (November 1995)
An Inquiry into Coherence
Mark McPhail - Author

Explores relationships between classical and contemporary approaches to rhetoric and their connection to the underlying assumptions at work in Zen Buddhism.

Zen in the Art of Rhetoric
interrogates the role of dualistic thought in human communication and culture, and offers new insights into the similarities and differences that mark Eastern and Western conceptualizations of language. Beginning with a reconsideration of the relationship...(Read More)
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