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Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy
Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy (March 2000)
The Developmental-Interaction Approach
Nancy Nager - Editor
Edna K. Shapiro - Editor

Reviews the history and philosophy of a classic approach to teaching, while emphasizing its continuing relevance for contemporary schooling.

Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy
reviews the history of the developmental-interactive approach, a formulation rooted in developmental psychology and educational practice, progressively informing educational thinking since the early-twentieth century. This conceptualization is identified with--but...(Read More)
Becoming Political
Becoming Political (April 1998)
Comparative Perspectives on Citizenship Education
Carole L. Hahn - Author

"The citizenship education/political socialization literature is rife with speculation about what adolescents think and believe politically, but very short on actual data. This work is a major addition to our knowledge in these areas." -- John J. Cogan, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

This book sheds light on the question: Under what conditions do democratic attitudes and values take root in youth? Using a comparative persp...(Read More)
Participatory Action Research
Participatory Action Research (November 1997)
International Contexts and Consequences
Robin McTaggart - Editor

Presents an engaging introduction to the international conversation about enhancing social and educational practice using participatory action research.

“This rich and diverse collection of essays adds to our understanding of the potential of action research through its strong international perspective on this important topic.” — Dwight L. Rogers, School of Education, University of North Carolina —Cha...(Read More)
Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies
Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies (November 1996)
Emerging Issues and Applications
Peter H. Martorella - Editor

Provides a comprehensive guide to and analysis of the expanding role of technology in the social studies curriculum and classroom.

An original analysis of the expanding and evolving role of technology in the social studies curriculum, Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies fills a significant void in the existing literature.

"The issues dealt with in this book are important to both s...(Read More)
Educating the Democratic Mind
Educating the Democratic Mind (November 1995)
Walter C. Parker - Editor

Addresses the question: How can schools help shape young minds to address the challenges of a democratic society?

There can be no democracy without democrats, and democrats are made, not born. This volume features sixteen provocative essays, old and new, on the concern to educate young people for that loosely-defined genre of political and social life called democracy. It is an historical collection on the central que...(Read More)
Teaching About International Conflict and Peace
Teaching About International Conflict and Peace (April 1995)
Merry M. Merryfield - Editor
Richard C. Remy - Editor

This book is about international conflict resolution and management.
Designed especially for preservice teachers, this book links substantive, current scholarship on major topics in the management of international conflict with exemplary instructional methods in social studies education. Through vignettes and case studies of actual classroom practice, the reader learns from experienced teachers how they integrate different instructional m...(Read More)
Classroom in Conflict
Classroom in Conflict (September 1994)
Teaching Controversial Subjects in a Diverse Society
John A. Williams - Author

This book transcends recent debates about political correctness to address the underlying problems of teaching controversial subjects in the college and university history classroom. The author criticizes both sides of the debate, rejecting, on the one hand, calls for a uniform, chronological history curriculum and, on the other hand, claims that only ethnic or racial "insiders" are qualified to teach about their communities.
In chapters on colo...(Read More)
Hate Prejudice and Racism
Hate Prejudice and Racism (August 1993)
Milton Kleg - Author

Hate Prejudice and Racism provides a comprehensive overview of the problems created by prejudiced attitudes, racist beliefs, and acts of discrimination, from the casual racial or ethnic joke to the unrestrained violence of a lynch mob. It addresses such topics as the nature of ethnicity, stereotyping, aggression, and hate groups and individuals who promote ethnic and racial hatred.

Kleg's discussion of ethnicity and ethnic groups chal...(Read More)
Promising Practices in Teaching Social Responsibility
Promising Practices in Teaching Social Responsibility (July 1993)
Sheldon Berman - Editor
Phyllis LaFarge - Editor

This book is by, for, and about teachers. It is a showcase for the innovative practices that teachers have found most effective in teaching social responsibility. The authors offer a rare discussion of actual classroom practices and the insights teachers have had in experimenting with new ways to help students develop conflict resolution skills and social responsibility.

"There is a strong message here for virtually any educator or person c...(Read More)
Education, Cultural Myths, and the Ecological Crisis
Education, Cultural Myths, and the Ecological Crisis (December 1992)
Toward Deep Changes
C. A. Bowers - Author

"A light where there has been none! This daring, timely book addresses an urgent topic: the connections between formal education and the way we treat the relationship between ourselves and the earth's natural systems and resources." -- Lester R. Brown, President, Worldwatch Institute

"While most educationists are running about telling us the sky is falling, Bowers points to our feet and tells us that it is the earth which needs our attentio...(Read More)
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