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White Horizon
White Horizon (January 2008)
The Arctic in the Nineteenth-Century British Imagination
Jen Hill - Author

From explorers’ accounts to boys’ adventure fiction, how Arctic exploration served as a metaphor for nation-building and empire in nineteenth-century Britain.

Bridging historical and literary studies, White Horizon explores the importance of the Arctic to British understandings of masculine identity, the nation, and the rapidly expanding British Empire in the nineteenth century. Well before Coler...(Read More)
The New Abolitionists
The New Abolitionists (July 2005)
(Neo)Slave Narratives and Contemporary Prison Writings
Joy James - Edited and with an introduction by

Writings by twentieth-century imprisoned authors examining confinement, enslavement, and political organizing in prison.

“If you think modern slavery in the United States is a thing of the past, then The New Abolitionists ought to be mandatory reading. Joy James has done an incredible service by bringing together key writings by prison intellectuals over the past half century. The pieces she selected are...(Read More)
Political Identity and Social Change
Political Identity and Social Change (November 2002)
The Remaking of the South African Social Order
Jamie Frueh - Author
Nicholas Onuf - Foreword by

Explores issues of political identity and the social changes that ended apartheid in South Africa.

Political Identity and Social Change builds upon the constructivist theory of political identity to explore the social changes that accompanied the end of apartheid in South Africa. To gain a better understanding of how structures of identity changed along with the rest of South Africa’s institutions, Frueh analyz...(Read More)
The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies
The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies (July 2002)
Miriam Hoexter - Editor
Shmuel N. Eisenstadt - Editor
Nehemia Levtzion - Editor

Multidisciplinary examination of the public sphere in “traditional” Muslim society.

Challenging conventional assumptions, the contributors to this interdisciplinary volume argue that premodern Muslim societies had diverse and changing varieties of public spheres, constructed according to premises different from those of Western societies. The public sphere, conceptualized as a separate and autonomous sphere ...(Read More)
Social Constructions of Nationalism in the Middle East
Social Constructions of Nationalism in the Middle East (January 2002)
Fatma Muge Gocek - Editor

A comparative analysis of the social and cultural dimensions of nationalism in the Middle East.

While Middle Eastern nationalism is most often examined from the political viewpoint, this book adds a fresh perspective by exploring the social and cultural dimensions. Although most scholars agree that nationalism is the most significant social and political phenomenon of the twentieth century, shaping individuals, socie...(Read More)
Oh, Do I Remember!
Oh, Do I Remember! (July 2001)
Experiences of Teachers During the Desegregation of Austin's Schools, 1964-1971
Anna Victoria Wilson - Author
William E. Segall - Author

The story of one city's experience with school desegregation, as seen through the eyes of the teachers who lived it.

Stories of school desegregation are ultimately about people—teachers who work in the schools and the students who are there to learn. This book focuses on the front line faculty and their recollection of the effort to desegregate faculty in Austin's schools during 1964–1971 in compli...(Read More)
Race, Neighborhoods, and Community Power
Race, Neighborhoods, and Community Power (November 2000)
Buffalo Politics, 1934-1997
Neil Kraus - Author

Examines the extent to which race affected public policy formation in Buffalo, New York between 1934 and 1997.

In this provocative and in-depth history of several decades of recent Buffalo city politics, Neil Kraus examines the local political causes behind geographic concentrations of poverty. Race, Neighborhoods, and Community Power makes the compelling case that policy adopted at the local level has had a significant impact o...(Read More)
A Korean Nationalist Entrepreneur
A Korean Nationalist Entrepreneur (April 1998)
A Life History of Kim Songsu, 1891–1955
Choong Soon Kim - Author

During the period of Japanese domination, Kim Songsu emerged as one of Korea's leading cultural nationalists. This life history details his contribution to the self-strengthening programs moderate nationalists advocated as the foundation for Korea's independence.

"Choong Soon Kim's well-written book weaves a history of Korean capitalism and a history of an important and controversial man into a single narrative; in so d...(Read More)
State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China
State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China (February 1998)
Orthodoxy, Creativity, and Expressiveness
Joseph S.C. Lam - Author

Presents historical, ritual, and musical data preserved in authentic Ming documents illustrating the significance of state sacrifices in imperial China.

"Based upon careful and critical reading of a comprehensive body of source material, the author tells the story of state sacrifices and music in the Ming court, a set of practices and beliefs that, by Ming times, was already perceived to be two millennia old. With fascin...(Read More)
Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves
Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves (December 1996)
The Role of Citizen Owners in Making a Better Government
Hindy L. Schachter - Author

Viewing the public as owners rather than customers of government, this book argues that better performance by public agencies requires active and responsible citizens as well as efficient organizations.

"What I like most about this book is that it brings historically grounded arguments to bear on the citizenship/professionalism debate that has simmered since professional management developed at the turn of the century. C...(Read More)
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