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Ecologies of Knowledge
Ecologies of Knowledge (July 1995)
Work and Politics in Science and Technology
Susan Leigh Star - Editor

This collection of articles provides a comprehensive overview of personal and public issues related to social change and how they shape scientific and technical knowledge.
"This collection illustrates the robustness of theoretical concerns in the field in their applicability to the diverse subject matter of science studies, well represented here in the inclusion of studies in biological and physical sciences along with technology. Assembl...(Read More)
Social Theory and Education
Social Theory and Education (March 1995)
A Critique of Theories of Social and Cultural Reproduction
Raymond Allen Morrow - Author
Carlos Alberto Torres - Author

This book summarizes and critiques theories of social and cultural reproduction as they relate to sociology of education.

"Morrow and Torres have given us more than a cornucopia of social theories relevant to the study of reproduction and transformation in and through education. They have carefully examined the theoretical assumptions and political implications of each perspective, showing variations within each perspect...(Read More)
In Measure, Number, and Weight
In Measure, Number, and Weight (September 1994)
Studies in Mathematics and Culture
Jens Hoyrup - Author

"Jens Hoyrup deals forthrightly with the most important question now facing historians of science: what is the relation between ideas and socioeconomic life? His conclusions are persuasive and stimulating. They go a long way to refuting the currently fashionable relativist view that science has been nothing but a collection of prejudices, conventions, and practical compromises. In this book one finds a welcome social history of science composed ...(Read More)
On the Shoulders of Merchants
On the Shoulders of Merchants (August 1994)
Exchange and the Mathematical Conception of Nature in Early Modern Europe
Richard W. Hadden - Author

This book shows how the universal quantification of science resulted from the routinization of commercial practices that were familiar in scientist's daily lives. Following the work of Franz Borkenau and Jacob Klein in the 1930s, the book describes the rise of the mechanistic world-view as a reification of relations of exchange in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Critical of more orthodox, positivist Marxist accounts of the rise of science...(Read More)
Controversial Science
Controversial Science (July 1993)
From Content to Contention
Thomas Brante - Editor
Steve Fuller - Editor
William Lynch - Editor

“I think that the whole notion of 'controversy' is a good handle to start with for a critical assessment of the field. Controversy is now seen as not only normal but also a way of framing a research site for looking at the field of scientific endeavor. The editors have also brought together a group of very well-known scholars.

“Until 1970 most studies of science were hagiographic, paeans to science. We ge...(Read More)
Knowledge Without Expertise
Knowledge Without Expertise (July 1993)
On the Status of Scientists
Raphael Sassower - Author

This book critically examines the reliance of society on experts, specifically attacking the notion of the privilege of scientific expertise and defining the politics of this intellectual discourse. The extensive case material illustrates the consequences of claims of expert knowledge. Sassower questions the perception that scientific controversies are focused on epistemological concerns and demonstrates how the debates are often politically motiva...(Read More)
Scientific Discovery
Scientific Discovery (July 1993)
Logic and Tinkering
Aharon Kantorovich - Author

"This is the best English language book in evolutionary epistemology so far." -- Donald T. Campbell, Lehigh University

"It's comprehensive, thorough, and synthesizes many different ideas and views. It's intelligent, well argued, clear, and well organized. The work as a whole represents an original and worthwhile approach to an imporant issue." -- David B. Resnik, University of Wyoming

Kantorovich analyzes the notion of discovery. He...(Read More)
The Professional Quest for Truth
The Professional Quest for Truth (July 1992)
A Social Theory of Science and Knowledge
Stephan Fuchs - Author

This book argues that the power of science as the most respected and authoritative world view is based on its superior material and organizational resources, not on its superior rationality. Fuchs approaches science as a social construct, and utilizing a theory of scientific organizations, he analyzes knowledge production in scientific fields--how they differ in their resources and how these differences affect how science is conducted. The book ex...(Read More)
Structuralism in Sociology
Structuralism in Sociology (June 1976)
An Approach to Knowledge
Fred Emil Katz - Author

Presents original concepts concerning the sociology of role theory, knowledge, and structuralism; organizes certain other concepts in a new and fruitful way; and introduces perspectives (e.g., indeterminacy, autonomy) in an illuminating manner. Apt illustrations, diagrams, and elaborate comments are presented on each theory.

“Particularly useful for advanced undergraduates in sociology.” — CHOICE<...(Read More)
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