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Post-Chineseness (March 2022)
Cultural Politics and International Relations
Chih-yu Shih - Author

Analyzes international and cultural relationships informed by "China," a category that is becoming ever more indispensable and yet unstable in everyday narratives.

There have been few efforts to overcome the binary of China versus the West. The recent global political environment, with a deepening confrontation between China and the West, strengthens this binary image. Post-Chin...(Read More)
Dao and Sign in History
Dao and Sign in History (November 2018)
Daoist Arche-Semiotics in Ancient and Medieval China
Daniel Fried - Author

Provides a new perspective on important linguistic issues in philosophical and religious Daoism through the comparative lens of twentieth-century European philosophies of language.

From its earliest origins in the Dao De Jing, Daoism has been known as a movement that is skeptical of the ability of language to fully express the truth. While many scholars have compared the earliest works of Daoism to language-skeptical move...(Read More)
Borges, Second Edition
Borges, Second Edition (April 2014)
The Passion of an Endless Quotation
Lisa Block de Behar - Author
William Egginton - Translator
Christopher RayAlexander - With

Expanded edition with new chapters and updates to the translation and bibliography.

Borges cites innumerable authors in the pages making up his life’s work, and innumerable authors have cited and continue to cite him. More than a figure, then, the quotation is an integral part of the fabric of his writing, a fabric made anew by each reading and each re-citation it undergoes, in the never-ending throes of a w...(Read More)
The Active Life
The Active Life (September 2005)
Miller's Metaphysics of Democracy
Michael J. McGandy - Author

A sustained reflection on philosopher John William Miller and the metaphysical presuppositions and implications of democracy.

The ancient antagonism between the active and the contemplative lives is taken up in this innovative and wide-ranging examination of John William Miller’s effort to forge a metaphysics of democracy. The Active Life sheds new light on Miller’s actualist philosophy—its sco...(Read More)
Borges (October 2002)
The Passion of an Endless Quotation
Lisa Block de Behar - Author
William Egginton - Translation and introduction by

Lisa Block de Behar explores the trope of quotation in the works of Jorge Luis Borges.

“Barthes once wrote that the only way to read a work of passion is with another work of passion. What was true for Barthes is equally true for Lisa Block de Behar, whose three or more decades of scholarly activity have produced an imposing body of scholarship on the work of Jorge Luis Borges, but more importantly and more urgen...(Read More)
Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking
Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking (April 1997)
The 1903 Harvard Lectures on Pragmatism
Charles Sanders Peirce - Author
Patricia Ann Turrisi - Editor

A study edition of Peirce's manuscripts for lectures on pragmatism given in spring 1903 at Harvard University, with notes, preface, and an original introduction by the editor introducing Peirce and interpreting Peirce's thinking for a more general readership.

This is a study edition of Charles Sanders Peirce's manuscripts for lectures on pragmatism given in spring 1903 at Harvard University. Excerpts from these writings ...(Read More)
French Intellectual Nobility
French Intellectual Nobility (November 1996)
Institutional and Symbolic Transformations in the Post-Sartrian Era
Niilo Kauppi - Author

The first study to examine the conditions that led to the production of theories like "structuralism" and "poststructuralism."

"There is not, to my knowledge, any work in English or in French that does such a good job of integrating the historical and the structural. Kauppi's sociological perspective allows him to see better than most what ties together Foucault, Bourdieu, and Derrida; to see the commonalities of the dis...(Read More)
Philosophy of the Sign
Philosophy of the Sign (July 1995)
Josef Simon - Author
George Heffernan - Translator

This book presents a coherent philosophy of signs without postulating objects to which they refer or meanings which they express.
In this book, Simon wields Ockham's razor like a scythe to argue historically and systematically for a coherent philosophy of the sign as sign with an unprecedented minimum of ontological and semantical commitments. Deconstructing Plato, Frege, and Husserl, he accounts for signs without positing the existence ...(Read More)
Language and Style of the Vedic Rsis
Language and Style of the Vedic Rsis (November 1994)
Tatyana J. Elizarenkova - Author
Wendy Doniger - Editor

"This is an extraordinary book, which could have been written by no one but Tatyana Elizarenkova. It is extraordinary because it combines two disciplines that no one else would dream of combining, or be able to combine: the modern, trendy, obscure discipline of semiotics, and the ancient, dusty, arcane discipline of Vedic philology. It is even more extraordinary because it combines them in such a way that they become mutually illuminating, that t...(Read More)
Semiotics and Linguistic Structure
Semiotics and Linguistic Structure (June 1978)
A Primer of Philosophic Logic
Richard M. Martin - Author

This book is devoted to elementary formal logic and metalogic, and their applications to language.
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