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Goals in Space
Goals in Space (August 1991)
American Values and the Future of Technology
William Sims Bainbridge - Author

“This book is not merely about 'goals in space:' It is really a much broader work than that. It sets a fine example of the way in which research should be done on public opinion concerning policy issues and especially concerning those policy issues which give rise to social movements. Bainbridge has developed a highly innovative and creative approach, analyzing the space movement within the same general frame of reference commonly use...(Read More)
Peerless Science
Peerless Science (July 1990)
Peer Review and U. S. Science Policy
Daryl E. Chubin - Author
Edward J. Hackett - Author

"Peer review is the principle on which the internal governance system of science has traditionally depended. During the past ten years there has been a great deal of evidence suggesting that that assumption is no longer valid (if it ever was), and that manyof the strains in the science-government relationship in the US are traceable either to the assumption itself or to the ways it is implemented. Chubin and Hackett examine the assumption and its ...(Read More)
Human Posture
Human Posture (October 1989)
The Nature of Inquiry
John A. Schumacher - Author

"I found it fascinating to read and it is quite beautifully written. But I must caution against taking its extreme originality lightly." -- Stephen David Ross, State University of New York at Binghamton

Schumacher has written a provocative work in the philosophy of science. In presenting posture as the most important aspect of life, Schumacher examines how the terms of posture encompass all the major disciplines and provide a means for reso...(Read More)
Social Control and Multiple Discovery in Science
Social Control and Multiple Discovery in Science (July 1989)
The Opiate Receptor Case
Susan E. Cozzens - Author

Recognition for accomplishment is a major institutional reward in the scientific community, thus regulating disputes over credit for discovery, can be viewed as an important problem in social control. Cozzens examines a well-known dispute -- one that took place with the discovery of the opiate receptor in neuropharmacological research.

The issues Cozzens discusses -- priority disputes, social control, and norms and morals -- are important th...(Read More)
A Conspiracy of Cells
A Conspiracy of Cells (October 1985)
One Woman's Immortal Legacy-And the Medical Scandal It Caused
Michael Gold - Author

"A Conspiracy of Cells is a good read and gives a glimpse into the human side of research and the nasty surprises nature can conjure up." -- James Hicks, Science 85

"An outstanding science reporter, Michael Gold looks beyond the cold precision of science to the human side, and exposes its weaknesses. He makes it all too clear that even scientists are only human." -- Margo Crabtree, Scienc...(Read More)
Shock Tubes and Waves
Shock Tubes and Waves (June 1982)
Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Shock Tubes and Waves
Charles E. Treanor - Author
J. Gordon Hall - Author

Hailstorms and Hailstone Growth
Hailstorms and Hailstone Growth (June 1974)
Narayan R. Gokhale - Author

A summary of hailstorm research throughout the world.

“Presents a detailed and well documented review of research into hail … Valuable to specialists.” — Physica Bulletin

“Without hesitation, in my opinion this book belongs in all libraries of physics or meteorology.” — Journal de Recherches atmosphériques