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Becoming Immortal
Becoming Immortal (April 2002)
Combining Cloning and Stem-Cell Therapy
Stanley Shostak - Author

Explores how new organs might be engineered via cloning and reproductive technology to achieve human immortality.

Providing the philosophical, practical, and theoretical leverage for abandoning evolution and development in favor of engineering human beings, Becoming Immortal examines the directions biological change might take if civilization were to take charge of its own destiny. With the aid of embryonic man...(Read More)
Moral Tales and Meditations
Moral Tales and Meditations (September 2001)
Technological Parables and Refractions
Michael Joyce - Author
Helene Cixous - Afterword

Provocative essays and short tales that explore the effect of technology and new media on our everyday lives.

Novelist, cyber-theorist, and widely acclaimed hypertext fiction writer Michael Joyce weaves an evocative and provocative set of brief essays and short parable-like fictions into a compelling collection of meditations on how technology and new media affect our culture and everyday lives. Taken together, these pie...(Read More)
The A B C of Armageddon
The A B C of Armageddon (August 2001)
Bertrand Russell on Science, Religion, and the Next War, 1919-1938
Peter H. Denton - Author

An exploration of Bertrand Russell's writings during the interwar years, a period when he advocated "the scientific outlook" to insure the survival of humanity in an age of potential self-destruction.

Peter H. Denton explores Bertrand Russell's attempt to articulate the kind of world he thought possible and the world he feared in the aftermath of World War I. Two concerns were fundamental to Russell's work between 1919 and 1938: the p...(Read More)
Culture, Technology, Communication
Culture, Technology, Communication (June 2001)
Towards an Intercultural Global Village
Charles Ess - Editor
Fay Sudweeks - With
Susan Herring - Foreword by

Provides cross-cultural perspectives on computer-mediated communication.

Stability and success in our electronic global village increasingly depends on the complex interactions of culture, communication, and technology. This book offers both theoretical approaches and case studies of these interactions from diverse cultural domains, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. This global perspectiv...(Read More)
Technology and the Contested Meanings of Sustainability
Technology and the Contested Meanings of Sustainability (May 2001)
Aidan Davison - Author

Argues that sustainability requires more than economic and technological efficiency.

This transdisciplinary inquiry presents a new way of thinking about sustainability and technology that takes us beyond the familiar preoccupation with ecoefficiency, and toward the contested moral question of what most nourishes our ability to care for our world. In contrast to the technocratic aim of controlling a perilous future, th...(Read More)
Degrees of Compromise
Degrees of Compromise (April 2001)
Industrial Interests and Academic Values
Jennifer Croissant - Editor
Sal Restivo - Editor

Analyzes value changes arising from new university-industry research relationships.

Degrees of Compromise
probes the convergence of for-profit business collaborations with higher education. Interdisciplinary in scope, the collection questions the effects of commercialization activities on undergraduate student values and graduate education practice and ethics, research autonomy, institutional prestige, and scientific...(Read More)
Visions of STS
Visions of STS (February 2001)
Counterpoints in Science, Technology, and Society Studies
Stephen H. Cutcliffe - Editor
Carl Mitcham - Editor

Maps interconnections between science, technology, and society in order to understand both benefits and costs.

Visions of STS
brings together the views of ten leading scholars to clarify the nature of Science, Technology, and Society Studies and point toward future developments. The interdisciplinary field of STS maps out the interconnected relationships among science, technology, and society in order to better unde...(Read More)
Science, Technology, and Democracy
Science, Technology, and Democracy (September 2000)
Daniel Lee Kleinman - Editor

Examines restrictions and potentialities for public access to science and technology decision making.

Activists, scientists, and scholars in the social sciences and humanities explore in productive dialogue what it means to democratize science and technology. The contributors consider what role lay people can have in a realm traditionally restricted to experts, and examine the socio-economic and ideological barriers to creating a scien...(Read More)
Beyond the Science Wars
Beyond the Science Wars (August 2000)
The Missing Discourse about Science and Society
Ullica Segerstrale - Editor

Contextualizes the "Science Wars" from interdisciplinary sociological, historical, scientific, political, and cultural perspectives.

Beyond the Science Wars offers a broad contextualization of the "Science Wars"--an ongoing debate between scientists and social scientists over the nature and meaning of science--from interdisciplinary sociological, historical, scientific, political, and cultural perspectives. Beyond...(Read More)
Spurious Coin
Spurious Coin (May 2000)
A History of Science, Management, and Technical Writing
Bernadette Longo - Author

Offers a narrative history of technical writing as a cultural practice and the system of scientific knowledge it controls.

Spurious Coin constructs a cultural history of technical writing in the United States and the system of scientific knowledge and power it controls. Embedded in this history are tensions between scientific and liberal arts knowledge-making that render technical writing both the genuine and counterfeit coin of...(Read More)
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