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At Home in the World
At Home in the World (July 2009)
Human Nature, Ecological Thought, and Education after Darwin
Eilon Schwartz - Author

Explores how Darwin’s theory of human nature can inform educational philosophy.

Challenging conventional understanding of humans as selfish and competitive at their core, At Home in the World asserts that we have evolved as a profoundly social species, biologically related to the rest of the natural world, and at home on the only planet for which we are adapted to live. Eilon Schwartz traces the history...(Read More)
Degrees of Compromise
Degrees of Compromise (April 2001)
Industrial Interests and Academic Values
Jennifer Croissant - Editor
Sal Restivo - Editor

Analyzes value changes arising from new university-industry research relationships.

Degrees of Compromise
probes the convergence of for-profit business collaborations with higher education. Interdisciplinary in scope, the collection questions the effects of commercialization activities on undergraduate student values and graduate education practice and ethics, research autonomy, institutional prestige, and scientific...(Read More)
World in Process
World in Process (November 2000)
Creativity and Interconnection in the New Physics
John A. Jungerman - Author

Shows how modern physics supports basic claims of process philosophy.

World in Process provides not only an up-to-date description of the ideas of modern physics and cosmology, but also connects those ideas to process thought. To make these connections, a brief introduction to process philosophy is provided so that the new physics and process thought can be integrated.

"Jungerman has...(Read More)
Spurious Coin
Spurious Coin (May 2000)
A History of Science, Management, and Technical Writing
Bernadette Longo - Author

Offers a narrative history of technical writing as a cultural practice and the system of scientific knowledge it controls.

Spurious Coin constructs a cultural history of technical writing in the United States and the system of scientific knowledge and power it controls. Embedded in this history are tensions between scientific and liberal arts knowledge-making that render technical writing both the genuine and counterfeit coin of...(Read More)
Science/Technology/Society as Reform in Science Education
Science/Technology/Society as Reform in Science Education (January 1996)
Robert E. Yager - Editor

Presents evidence that S/T/S is a successful reform movement in science education.

Science/Technology/Society (S/T/S) is a reform effort to broaden science as a discipline in schools and colleges; to relate science to other facets of the curriculum; and to relate science specifically to technology and to the society that supports and produces new conceptualizations of both. S/T/S is also defined as the teaching and l...(Read More)
Portraits of Productive Schools
Portraits of Productive Schools (August 1995)
An International Study of Institutionalizing Activity - Based Practices in Elementary Science
Uwe Hameyer - Author
Jan van den Akker - Author
Ronald D. Anderson - Author
Mats Ekholm - Author

Based on the study of successful cases in several countries, this book shows what it takes to put activity-based science programs into practice in elementary schools.
Based on research conducted in four developed countries, this book focuses on the question of how elementary schools with successful activity-based science programs put them into practice and maintain them over the years. In general, activity-based science programs are advoc...(Read More)
Ecotone (July 1994)
Wayfaring on the Margins
Florence R. Shepard - Author

Ecotone: Wayfaring on the Margins, a personal history of place, is written from the perspective of a teacher, naturalist, and feminist and uses the metaphor of the biological ecotone as the boundary where inner and outer landscapes of the woman/nature continuum meet.

In this book, Krall proposes a counter-narrative to the usual reading of marginality. In autobiographical narrative that rings with experience, she describes margins as r...(Read More)
Math Worlds
Math Worlds (April 1993)
Philosophical and Social Studies of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Sal Restivo - Editor
Jean Paul Van Bendegem - Editor
Roland Fischer - Editor

"Philosophy of mathematics has become a major area of interest for philosophers and historians of ideas in the last few years; and the swing has been toward examining the social context and processes involved in mathematics rather than taking it as a transcendent body of truths. This book is very up to date in this respect. It will prove to be the cutting-edge statement on the sociological approach to mathematics on both philosophical and theoreti...(Read More)
Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Educational Theory and Practice
Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Educational Theory and Practice (August 1992)
Richard A. Duschl - Editor
Richard J. Hamilton - Editor

This edited volume extends existing discussions among philosophers of science, cognitive psychologists, and educational researchers on the the restructuring of scientific knowledge and the domain of science education. This exchange of ideas across disciplinary fields raises fundamental issues and provides frameworks that help to focus educational research programs, curriculum development efforts, and teacher training programs....(Read More)
Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education
Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education (July 1992)
Dennis W. Cheek - Author

This book defines STS--science, technology, and society--education and discusses current thinking about its conceptual evolution. It synthesizes a broad range of research and thought in the history and philosophy of science and technology, STS studies, and education as they are informed by the the dual perspectives of cognitive and social psychology. A model for STS curriculum development in science, social studies, or technolog...(Read More)
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