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Comparative Public Budgeting
Comparative Public Budgeting (November 2010)
Global Perspectives on Taxing and Spending
George M. Guess - Author
Lance T. LeLoup - Author

Holistic, comparative analysis of multiple budget systems and contexts.

Increasingly, governments must respond to the negative impacts of global economic crises on their revenues to finance needed services, and the collapse of their real industrial and financial-banking sectors. How they respond most effectively is a new study area which demands sharing of lessons between nations on government fiscal policies...(Read More)
Coping with Terrorism
Coping with Terrorism (November 2010)
Origins, Escalation, Counterstrategies, and Responses
Rafael Reuveny - Editor
William R. Thompson - Editor

A comprehensive examination of multiple dimensions of terrorism.

Terrorism is imprinted on Western society’s consciousness. Nearly every week a terrorist attack occurs in the world. The academic world, in attempting to understand terrorism, has often been limited to descriptive work rather than analysis, and has produced surprisingly few mainstream collections on the subject. Coping with Terrorism...(Read More)
Critical Urban Studies
Critical Urban Studies (November 2010)
New Directions
Jonathan S. Davies - Editor
David L. Imbroscio - Editor
Clarence N. Stone - Foreword by

Essays reevaluating and challenging the critiques of the urban studies field.

This volume revisits the tradition of critical scholarship characteristic of the urban studies field. Urban scholarship has had detractors of late, particularly in mainstream political science, where it has been accused of parochialism and insularity. Critical Urban Studies offers a sharp repudiation of this critique, reasse...(Read More)
The Creation of a Federal Partnership
The Creation of a Federal Partnership (November 2010)
The Role of the States in Affordable Housing
Margaret M. Brassil - Author

New perspective on state-level housing policy, how its role has grown in relation to the federal role.

With the ongoing recession and housing crisis, it has never been more important to understand the federal and state governments’ roles in affordable housing. The Creation of a Federal Partnership takes a fresh look at the history of national and state housing policy by examining the role played ...(Read More)

Mission Expansion in the Federal Home Loan Bank System
Mission Expansion in the Federal Home Loan Bank System (October 2010)
Susan M. Hoffmann - Author
Mark K. Cassell - Author

Studies how the Federal Home Loan Bank System has changed over time and why.

During the current recession, one of the worst in United States history, the federal government undertook a series of sweeping changes related to the home mortgage foreclosure crisis. These changes, in particular to the Federal Home Loan Bank System, have many implications. Mission Expansion in the Federal Home Loan Bank System...(Read More)
Rethinking Contemporary Warfare
Rethinking Contemporary Warfare (July 2010)
A Sociological View of the Al-Aqsa Intifada
Eyal Ben-Ari - Author
Zeev Lerer - Author
Uzi Ben-Shalom - Author
Ariel Vainer - Author

Examines the combat experience of Israel’s ground forces in the Al-Aqsa Intifada in order to offer a set of innovative concepts for understanding irregular warfare.

The combat experience of Israel’s ground forces in the second Palestinian uprising, the Al-Aqsa Intifada (2000–2006), is given full critical attention in this engaging study. Based on extensive interviews and observations, Rethi...(Read More)
The Quotable Judge Posner
The Quotable Judge Posner (April 2010)
Selections from Twenty-Five Years of Judicial Opinions
Robert F. Blomquist - Edited and with an introduction by
Richard A. Posner - Foreword by

Collection of quotations and judicial opinions of federal appellate judge Richard A. Posner.

A collection of pithy and penetrating observations and rulings by one of the most famous appellate judges in America, The Quotable Judge Posner showcases the wit and wisdom of Richard A. Posner. During his more than twenty-five years as a federal appellate judge, Judge Posner reached over two thousand opinions, many o...(Read More)
Splintered Accountability
Splintered Accountability (April 2010)
State Governance and Education Reform
Arnold F Shober - Author

Detailed study of how real education reform works.

The No Child Left Behind Act declared that improving education in every school in the United States was a top national priority. However, this act did not acknowledge how state departments of education have successfully constructed reforms for the past few decades, despite the power struggle between governors, legislators, school districts, and state boa...(Read More)
All But Forgotten
All But Forgotten (March 2010)
Thomas Jefferson and the Development of Public Administration
Stephanie P. Newbold - Author

Study of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy in public administration.

Thomas Jefferson’s contributions to the development of administrative thought and practice in the United States have largely been overlooked in American history. His career in public service and his ideas concerning government and constitutional tradition have overshadowed his involvement with public administration. All But Forgotten ex...(Read More)
Getting a Poor Return
Getting a Poor Return (October 2009)
Courts, Justice, and Taxes
Robert M. Howard - Author

Examines competing claims and beliefs about the American legal system in the area of tax policy and tax enforcement.

Public policy often favors one group over another. In the case of tax policy, the conventional wisdom has been that the dominant political coalition will offer policies that favor their primary constituents. The longstanding belief has been that the disfavored group may always assert their rights in...(Read More)

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