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Shutdown at Youngstown
Shutdown at Youngstown (June 1983)
Public Policy for Mass Unemployment
Terry F. Buss - Author
F. Stevens Redburn - Author

In spite of the gravity of the problem of mass unemployment and its periodic recurrence in industrial societies, few scientific studies have been undertaken which serve to define the impact of plant closings on workers, families, and the community; to evaluate individual group, or community responses to closings; and to offer suggestions for the future.

Shutdown at Youngstown meets this need. It pres...(Read More)
Reshaping of the National Labor Board
Reshaping of the National Labor Board (June 1982)
James A. Gross - Author

In this volume, covering the years 1937–1947, James A. Gross describes and analyzes the NLRB’s vigorous and uncompromising enforcement of the Wagner Act and the intense political pressure to which the Board was subjected as a consequence. He identifies and examines the forces that succeeded in pressuring the NLRB out of its essential role in the making of U.S. labor policy.

This is the story of the transforma...(Read More)
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