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Our Elusive Constitution
Our Elusive Constitution (August 1997)
Silences, Paradoxes, Priorities
Daniel N. Hoffman - Author

Through a distinctive blending of political and legal analysis, this book draws attention to urgent questions in constitutional thought that have received inadequate attention from courts and scholars. Daniel N. Hoffman argues that we can avoid the pitfalls of much legal and political-science scholarship if we attend carefully to certain problems posed by constitutional silences, paradoxes, and priorities. "Silences" are issues of current concern on...(Read More)
Putting Choice Before Democracy
Putting Choice Before Democracy (July 1996)
A Critique of Rational Choice Theory
Emily Hauptmann - Author

Shows how rational choice theory's critique and justification of democracy fails in its project to recast democratic theory.
"In an original assessment of rational choice theoretic analyses of democracy, Emily Hauptmann argues that it is the flawed conception of choice found in rational choice theory that robs it of its full power and coherence. For Hauptmann, this renders it an inappropriate tool for understanding democracy and leads rat...(Read More)
Recent Marxian Theory
Recent Marxian Theory (July 1996)
Class Formation and Social Conflict in Contemporary Capitalism
John F. Sitton - Author

Brings together prominent recent analyses within the Marxist tradition that bear on class formation and social conflict in contemporary capitalism and concludes that class relations continue to be important for analyzing the historical trajectory of, and challenges to, capitalism, although not in the way Marx imagined.

"To take up the thematic of class agency and proletariat in Marxist theory, to subject it to a variety...(Read More)
Hegel's Dialectic of Desire and Recognition
Hegel's Dialectic of Desire and Recognition (February 1996)
Texts and Commentary
John O'Neill - Editor

Presents three generations of German, French, and Anglo-American thinking on the Hegelian narrative of desire, recognition, and alienation in life, labor, and language.

This book presents three generations of German, French, and Anglo-American thinking on the Hegelian narrative of desire, recognition, and alienation in life, labor, and language—a narrative that has been subject to extensive ...(Read More)
For God and Fatherland
For God and Fatherland (January 1996)
Religion and Politics in Argentina
Michael A. Burdick - Author

This analysis of the crises in church-state relations in Argentina over the last 100 years shows that the constitutionally-established Catholic Church was progressively disenfranchised by various governments and responded by struggling to maintain the institution's historic rights and privileges and to speak as the moral conscience of Argentina.

"Burdick provides (at long last) a basic study of the twentieth-century Argentine ...(Read More)
Politics in the impasse
Politics in the impasse (January 1996)
Explorations in postsecular social theory
Bill Martin - Author

Develops a radical politics of community that engages with practical issues such as the Gulf War and the 1992 uprisings in Los Angeles, set against the context of postmodern capitalism.

"Martin's essays are spirited, well-written, provocative, original and engaging. They strive to keep alive the radical spirit during a period of dispirited cynicism and exhaustion. Martin intervenes in a variety of contemporary intellectu...(Read More)
The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense
The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense (November 1995)
A Gandhian Approach
Robert J. Burrowes - Author

Addresses the question of whether nonviolent defense can be an effective strategy against military violence. Drawing from the strategic theory of Carl von Clausewitz, the nonviolence of Mahatma Gandhi, and recent human needs and conflict theory, Burrowes develops a new strategic theory of nonviolent defense.
"The author does an exceptional job at questioning underlying assumptions (for example patriarchy, political realism, and the elitis...(Read More)
The Death of Socrates and the Life of Philosophy
The Death of Socrates and the Life of Philosophy (September 1995)
An Interpretation of Plato's Phaedo
Peter J. Ahrensdorf - Author

Shows that the dialogue in Plato's Phaedo is primarily devoted to presenting Socrates' final defense of the philosophical life against the theoretical and political challenge of religion.

"That the psychology of its characters is a key to understanding the argument of a Platonic dialogue is a principle effectively applied in this reading of the Phaedo and well supported by the results: in bringing out the differences in ...(Read More)
Marx, Hayek, and Utopia
Marx, Hayek, and Utopia (August 1995)
Chris Matthew Sciabarra - Author

Develops a critique of utopianism through a comparison of the works of Karl Marx and F. A. Hayek, challenging conventional views of both Marxian and Hayekian thought.

This book develops a critique of utopianism through a provocative comparison of the works of Karl Marx and F. A. Hayek, thus engaging two vastly different traditions in critical dialogue. By emphasizing the methodological and substantive similarities betwee...(Read More)
Reconstructing Political Pluralism
Reconstructing Political Pluralism (August 1995)
Avigail I. Eisenberg - Author

A reappraisal of the pluralist tradition that explores the accounts offered by James, Dewey, Figgis, Cole, Laski, Follett, and Dahl and extracts from them the resources with which to reconstruct a democratic theory of political pluralism.

"Focusing attention on pluralism, its history, and its possible contribution to recent issues in political theory, this book displays an emphasis that has not been prevalent in recent s...(Read More)
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