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The Later Lacan
The Later Lacan (February 2007)
An Introduction
Veronique Voruz - Editor
Bogdan Wolf - Editor

Examines fundamental concepts of the later Lacan.

This book includes essays by some of the finest practicing analysts and teachers of psychoanalysis in the Lacanian community today. The writings offer an essential introduction to the later teachings of Jacques Lacan, illuminate the theoretical developments introduced by the later Lacan, and explore their clinical implications with remarkable acumen.

The Future of Psychoanalysis explores the contemporary problem of multiple theories of psychoanalysis and argues for a return to a more classical position based on Freud’s work. Using his training in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and philosophy, Richard D. Chessick examines the special combination of hermeneutics ...(Read More)
Practice and the Human Sciences
Practice and the Human Sciences (August 2004)
The Case for a Judgment-Based Practice of Care
Donald E. Polkinghorne - Author

Argues that the technical model of practice has limited applicability for the practices of care (teaching, nursing, social work, and psychotherapy).

Teachers, nurses, psychotherapists, and other practitioners of care are under pressure to substitute specific, prescribed techniques in place of using their own judgment. Donald E. Polkinghorne assembles the case for the return to judgment-based practice for the professio...(Read More)
After Lacan
After Lacan (October 2002)
Clinical Practice and the Subject of the Unconscious
Willy Apollon - Author
Danielle Bergeron - Author
Lucie Cantin - Author
Robert Hughes - Editor
Kareen Ror Malone - Editor

The authors use examples from their own clinical practice to explain the development of Lacanian theory.

After Lacan combines abundant case material with graceful yet sophisticated theoretical exposition in order to explore the clinical practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis. Focusing on the groundbreaking clinical treatment of psychosis that Gifric (Groupe Interdisciplinaire Freudien de Recherches et d’Inter...(Read More)
Psychosynthesis (September 2002)
A Psychology of the Spirit
John Firman - Author
Ann Gila - Author

A comprehensive account of Roberto Assagioli’s psychosynthesis, a type of therapy that addresses both spiritual development and psychological healing and growth.

Conceived by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, psychosynthesis is one of the first Western psychologies that addresses both spiritual development and psychological healing and growth by recognizing and supporting the particular life journey of th...(Read More)
The Last Resistance
The Last Resistance (August 2002)
The Concept of Science as a Defense against Psychoanalysis
Marcus Bowman - Author

A fundamentally new examination of the controversies raging around psychoanalysis.

Radical and uncompromising, The Last Resistance is a penetrating rediscovery of the essential nature of psychoanalysis. Looking behind the masks of reason adopted by Freud’s chief critics, Bowman shows how those who claim most insistently to speak for science and who claim to know what science should be, are actually the most dogmat...(Read More)
Between Conviction and Uncertainty
Between Conviction and Uncertainty (July 2000)
Philosophical Guidelines for the Practicing Psychotherapist
Jerry N. Downing - Author

Explores the philosophical context within which psychotherapy functions.

At a time when scores of seemingly incompatible theories and methods are competing for ascendancy in psychotherapy, one could argue that the crucial intellectual and moral dilemmas of this field are largely philosophical in nature. Yet most psychotherapists are never formally exposed to philosophical thinking during their training years or subseque...(Read More)
The Variety of Dream Experience
The Variety of Dream Experience (August 1999)
Expanding Our Ways of Working with Dreams, Second Edition
Montague Ullman - Editor
Claire Limmer - Editor

Explores the contributions dreams can make to our private and public lives, and outlines methods for safe and effective dream work.

The versatility of dreams-their intrinsic creativity and their healing potential-extends beyond their clinical usefulness. This versatility comes to life in the way this book's contributors have succeeded in extending dream work into the public domain--the home, the church, and the educational arena. The v...(Read More)
Trials of the Visionary Mind
Trials of the Visionary Mind (November 1998)
Spiritual Emergency and the Renewal Process
John Weir Perry - Author

A comprehensive summary of the author's revolutionary approach to psychosis.

"This is an excellent and comprehensive summary of John Weir Perry's ground-breaking work in the area of alternative approaches to psychosis that represents a theoretical and practical breakthrough. John Weir Perry is a true pioneer in this very important area. His ideas, when accepted, could revolutionize the approach to psychosis. The book is ...(Read More)
The Ecstatic Imagination
The Ecstatic Imagination (January 1998)
Psychedelic Experiences and the Psychoanalysis of Self-Actualization
Dan Merkur - Author

Presents the first comprehensive survey of the varieties of psychedelic experience since 1975.

"The study of mysticism in the twentieth century has moved back and forth from those who posit a basic unity to the mystical experience to those who emphasize diversity. Those who favor the latter position have been somewhat in ascendance since the work of Steven Katz. But valuable as it is as a critique, Katz's position of see...(Read More)
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