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Realistic Pragmatism
Realistic Pragmatism (December 1999)
An Introduction to Pragmatic Philosophy
Nicholas Rescher - Author

Recovers classical pragmatism from recent deconstructive interpretations.

Nicholas Rescher gives a compact but comprehensive overview of pragmatism that does justice to the doctrine's original realistic and objectivistic purport. By providing a historically faithful version of a pragmatist position that is at once grounded in the root inspirations of the doctrine and able to overcome the sorts of objections that have often been advance...(Read More)
Dewey Reconfigured
Dewey Reconfigured (October 1999)
Essays on Deweyan Pragmatism
Casey Haskins - Editor
David I. Seiple - Editor

Eleven essays, all but one appearing here for the first time, offer a spectrum of recent critical perspectives on issues central to the philosophy of John Dewey and to what is now known as Deweyan pragmatism. The contributors focus on classically Deweyan concerns such as the nature of experience, selfhood, ethics, education, aesthetics, and democracy, as well as on the relation of those concerns to recent debates concerning feminism, epistemological...(Read More)
The Last Conceptual Revolution
The Last Conceptual Revolution (October 1998)
A Critique of Richard Rorty's Political Philosophy
Eric M. Gander - Author

A critique of Rorty's own provocative political philosophy, as well as an in-depth look at both the issues concerning the relationship between the public and the private, and arguments on the role of reason in liberal political discourse generally.

In 1989, with the publication of Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, and in articles throughout the 1990s, Richard Rorty developed a detailed social and political phil...(Read More)
Genealogical Pragmatism
Genealogical Pragmatism (October 1997)
Philosophy, Experience, and Community
John J. Stuhr - Author

Drawing on the work of popular American writers, American philosophers, and Continental thinkers, this book provides a new interpretation of pragmatism and American philosophy.

"Stuhr's way of relating the American philosophical tradition to contemporary problems is genuinely enlightening. He contributes to the great revival of pragmatism by being one of its most sensible and sensitive interpreters." -- John Lachs, Vande...(Read More)
Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking
Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking (April 1997)
The 1903 Harvard Lectures on Pragmatism
Charles Sanders Peirce - Author
Patricia Ann Turrisi - Editor

A study edition of Peirce's manuscripts for lectures on pragmatism given in spring 1903 at Harvard University, with notes, preface, and an original introduction by the editor introducing Peirce and interpreting Peirce's thinking for a more general readership.

This is a study edition of Charles Sanders Peirce's manuscripts for lectures on pragmatism given in spring 1903 at Harvard University. Excerpts from these writings ...(Read More)
The Social Self in Zen and American Pragmatism
The Social Self in Zen and American Pragmatism (January 1996)
Steve Odin - Author

This is the first book on East-West comparative thought to critically analyze the Zen Buddhist model of self in modern Japanese philosophy from the standpoint of American pragmatism.

The thesis of this work is that in both modern Japanese philosophy and American pragmatism there has been a paradigm shift from a monological concept of self as an isolated "I" to a dialogical concept of the social self as an "I-Thou ...(Read More)
Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism
Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism (October 1994)
Sandra B. Rosenthal - Author

"I am impressed with the author's adept way of interweaving the diverse threads of Peirce's thought into a coherent thesis: underlying Peirce's idealism, realism, anti-nominalism, phenomenology, metaphysical categories is a commitment to pluralism. This is both an interesting and original way to address Peirce's philosophy." -- Carl R. Hausman, Penn State

"I like the force and subtlety with which Rosenthal makes her case for Peirce's pragma...(Read More)
Dialectics (June 1977)
A Controversy-Oriented Approach to the Theory of Knowledge
Nicholas Rescher - Author

This book explores a disputational approach to inquiry. Such a focus on disputation is useful because it exhibits epistemological process at work in a setting of socially conditioned interactions. This socially oriented perspective reflects the anti-Cartesian animus of the dialectical approach to epistemology. It strives to avert the baneful influence of the egocentric orientation of recent approaches in the theory of knowledge.

The tradition...(Read More)
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