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Posts and Pasts
Posts and Pasts (May 2001)
A Theory of Postcolonialism
Alfred J. Lopez - Author

Deconstructs the field of postcolonial studies.

In Posts and Pasts: A Theory of Postcolonialism, Alfred J. Lopez argues for a formulation of postcolonial studies which diverges in three significant ways from current academic and institutional practices: 1) the postcolonial as diasporic, constituted by a series of dispersed and irregular criticisms not at all containable within a single set of parameters, w...(Read More)
Textual Traffic
Textual Traffic (April 2001)
Colonialism, Modernity, and the Economy of the Text
S. Shankar - Author

Examines travel narratives as a genre.

In Textual Traffic, S. Shankar clarifies notions of modernity and postmodernity by lucidly examining their relationship to colonialism. In the process, he challenges current emphases in cultural criticism through an exploration of what it means to regard the text as an economy and carries out a detailed scrutiny of travel narratives as a genre.

Paying particular...(Read More)
The Word Pen, and the Pistol
The Word Pen, and the Pistol (November 2000)
Literature and Power in Tahiti
Robert Nicole - Author

This postcolonial study explores the Western myth of Tahiti as a paradise, as well as the complex and diverse ways the Maohi people have responded to this myth.

The Word, The Pen, and the Pistol explores the relationships between history, power, knowledge, and certain cultural productions such as literature in colonial and postcolonial contexts. Borrowing from the theoretical works of Michel Foucault and Edward Said, the book re...(Read More)
Reading on the Edge
Reading on the Edge (June 2000)
Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin
Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier - Author

Examines the notion of exile and hybrid cultural identity in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin, with implications for our understanding of modernism and the modernist canon.

Reading on the Edge explores the notion of multiple cultural identity and exile in the work of Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and James Baldwin. Focusing on the cultural politics of modernism through the prism of cultural theory, the book reconceiv...(Read More)
Colonialism and Cultural Identity
Colonialism and Cultural Identity (February 2000)
Crises of Tradition in the Anglophone Literatures of India, Africa, and the Caribbean
Patrick Colm Hogan - Author

Explores diverse cultural identities, both theoretically and through concrete, specific interpretations of selected major texts from former British colonies.
This book examines the diverse responses of colonized people to metropolitan ideas and to indigenous traditions. Going beyond the standard isolation of mimeticism and hybridity--and criticizing Homi Bhabha's influential treatment of the former--Hogan offers a lucid, usable theoretica...(Read More)
Captive Bodies
Captive Bodies (April 1999)
Postcolonial Subjectivity in Cinema
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Author

Examines the film industry's fascination with bondage and captivity.
"Foster's text is audacious in its conceptualization and treatment of cultural 'captivity.' Through her discussion not only of film texts but also of modes of film production, she identifies and examines the various expressions, both containing and transgressive, of the narrative of captivity that are bound to culturally pervasive representations of gender, sexuality, an...(Read More)
Race, Rhetoric, and the Postcolonial
Race, Rhetoric, and the Postcolonial (January 1999)
Gary A. Olson - Editor
Lynn Worsham - Editor

Six internationally renowned intellectuals are brought together in a cross-disciplinary dialogue that addresses rhetoric, writing, race, feminist theory, cultural studies, and postcolonial theory.

Race, Rhetoric, and the Postcolonial brings together six scholarly interviews with internationally renowned intellectuals outside of rhetoric and composition whose work has direct implications for scholarship within the...(Read More)
Placing the Poet
Placing the Poet (April 1998)
Badr Shakir al-Sayyab and Postcolonial Iraq
Terri DeYoung - Author

CHOICE 1998 Outstanding Academic Book
Makes available, for the first time in English, the work of a major modern Arab poet, providing a framework for understanding his experience not only as an Arab writer but as a postcolonial one.
This is a comprehensive study of the most widely celebrated of twentieth-century Iraqi writers, Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, whose premature death in 1964 from Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) was lamented in c...(Read More)
Cross-Addressing (July 1996)
Resistance Literature and Cultural Borders
John C. Hawley - Editor

Using a "cultural studies" approach to the question of what constitutes literary study at the end of the twentieth century, the contributors address identity politics in specific cultural instances.

The sixteen original essays by scholars from around the world examine concerns common to writers who experience marginalization based upon their inescapable identification with two or more cultures. From Australian aboriginal and Maori, to ...(Read More)
Order and Partialities
Order and Partialities (September 1995)
Theory, Pedagogy, and the "Postcolonial"
Kostas Myrsiades - Editor
Jerry McGuire - Editor

Looks at the political and cultural issues involved in teaching postcolonial literatures and theories.
Order and Partialities explores the complex and problematic relations among postcolonial literatures and theories, the people who teach them at the university level, and the institutions in which they are taught. Each essay traces a path through these relations; yet each also comments on the fundamental paradox and contradiction w...(Read More)
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