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Ross for Boss
Ross for Boss (February 2001)
The Perot Phenomenon and Beyond
Ted G. Jelen - Editor

Presents an empirical study of Perot's 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns and the implications for third-party politics in the United States.

Ross for Boss
provides insights into the sources, continuity, and enduring importance of Ross Perot's presidential candidacies in 1992 and 1996 as a member of the Reform Party, and evaluates the impact of the Perot phenomenon on the future of both public policy and ...(Read More)
One Nation...Indivisible?
One Nation...Indivisible? (January 2001)
Sara S. Chapman - Author
Ursula S. Colby - Author

A no-holds barred look at how ideology-based partisan politics is altering the Framers' vision of government and alienating Americans.

A wake-up call to all Americans, One Nation...Indivisible? urges all informed citizens to take action to protect our fragmenting democratic union. The authors claim that the U. S. has strayed too far from the Founders' and the Constitution's vision of federalist government, and th...(Read More)
Redefining Red and Green
Redefining Red and Green (January 1999)
Ideology and Strategy in European Political Ecology
Tad Shull - Author

Examines the strategic impact of two European ecology parties on the recomposition of left-wing politics in their countries.

Redefining Red and Green explores the political strategies of two European ecology parties, the socialist German Grunen and the radically democratic French Les Verts. The strategies represent typical choices--and dilemmas--of progressive politics, with far-reaching implications. Once proud ...(Read More)
Political Parties and the Collapse of the Old Orders
Political Parties and the Collapse of the Old Orders (January 1999)
John Kenneth White - Editor
Philip John Davies - Editor

Addresses the altered states of political parties and politics in the post-Cold War era.

With the passage of the Cold War, political parties in nearly every corner of the globe have undergone a vast upheaval. Old ideas have become obsolete, electoral maps have been redrawn, party structures have been rebuilt, and new leaders have emerged. Political Parties and the Collapse of the Old Orders describes these changes using several ...(Read More)
Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994
Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994 (November 1998)
The Labor-Liberal Alliance
Kevin Boyle - Editor

Traces the rise and fall of organized labor's political power over the course of the twentieth century.

"Boyle has assembled an excellent collection of essays. Organized Labor and American Politics is a timely subject, the methodology is sophisticated, and the research is impressive. The editor has written an insightful and synthetic introduction which ties it all together quite well." -- Nelson Lichtenstein, University o...(Read More)
The American Presidency Under Siege
The American Presidency Under Siege (March 1997)
Gary L. Rose - Author

Attributes the failure of the modern presidency to the development of a political system that inherently impedes creative leadership, and offers prescriptive measures to restore the governing capacity of the president.

This book explores the failure of the modern American presidency, a failure the author attributes to the development of a political system that impedes creative leadership. The American presidency, Gary L. Rose argues, i...(Read More)
American Presidential Elections
American Presidential Elections (May 1996)
Process, Policy, and Political Change
Harvey L. Schantz - Editor

Milton Cummings, Everett Ladd, David Mayhew, Gerald Pomper, and Harvey Schantz analyze presidential elections over the sweep of American history and examine their impact on political parties, public policy, and society.

"Unlike many other books on the 1992 presidential elections, this book sets the Clinton victory in the context of all presidential elections held in this century, with special attention given to the last ...(Read More)
Presidential Campaign Discourse
Presidential Campaign Discourse (August 1995)
Strategic Communication Problems
Kathleen E. Kendall - Editor

Focuses on strategies for solving communication problems in presidential campaigns.
"This fresh and different book brings current approaches in political communication to bear on the most recent election in a way that makes the field of political communication accessable to non-specialized readers. Kendall not only provides a variety of very insightful analyses of the 1992 election that will certainly enhance the understanding of that ca...(Read More)
Transforming Democracy
Transforming Democracy (August 1995)
Legislative Campaign Committees and Political Parties
Daniel M. Shea - Author

Examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees in the U. S., which are quickly becoming the dominant force in state politics, and explores their relationship with traditional party organizations.
This book examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees (LCCs) and their relationship with traditional political party organizations. Now found in 40 states, LCCs provide extensive campaign services ...(Read More)
The Flawed Path to the Presidency 1992
The Flawed Path to the Presidency 1992 (November 1994)
Unfairness and Inequality in the Presidential Selection Process
Robert D. Loevy - Author

"I am impressed with this book. It is uniquely constructed, clearly written, and offers the reader the rich opportunity to observe the '92 campaign as it unfolds. Loevy's ability to capture the nuances of the presidential campaign and to convey this information in a very interesting fashion make this work an outstanding contribution to the field." -- Gary L. Rose, Sacred Heart University

This book is a voter's-eye view of the 1992 presidentia...(Read More)
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