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New York State and the Rise of Modern Conservatism
New York State and the Rise of Modern Conservatism (December 2008)
Redrawing Party Lines
Timothy J. Sullivan - Author

Recounts the shift towards conservatism in New York’s Republican Party in the 1960s and 1970s.

From the early 1960s until 1980 New York’s Conservative and Republican Parties battled on the editorial page, at the ballot box, and in the courts over the ideology of the GOP. New York State and the Rise of Modern Conservatism recounts the story of how New York, reputedly the most liberal of all sta...(Read More)
Sharing the Wealth
Sharing the Wealth (July 2008)
Member Contributions and the Exchange Theory of Party Influence in the U.S. House of Representatives
Damon M. Cann - Author

2009 Richard F. Fenno Jr. Prize of the Legislative Studies Section of the American Political Science Association

Documents the ever-larger sums donated by incumbent members of Congress to their parties and other candidates, and discusses the consequences.

While students of American politics are accustomed to thinking of members of Congress as recipients of campaign contributions, Sh...(Read More)
David Dinkins and New York City Politics
David Dinkins and New York City Politics (November 2006)
Race, Images, and the Media
Wilbur C. Rich - Author

Studies the role of the media in shaping public perceptions of David Dinkins’ mayoral leadership.

As the first African American elected mayor of New York City, David Dinkins underwent intense scrutiny—first from the black community, then from white liberal supporters, the media, and the city’s electorate. Wilbur C. Rich focuses on the critical role played by the New York City media in the perceptio...(Read More)
Politics in the New South
Politics in the New South (September 2005)
Representation of African Americans in Southern State Legislatures
Charles E. Menifield - Editor
Stephen D. Shaffer - Editor

2006 V.O. Key Award presented by the Southern Political Science Association

Documents political advances made by African Americans in the South over the last twenty-five years.

This authoritative study of contemporary state legislatures in the South provides a fascinating account of how African Americans have achieved noticeable political power since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965....(Read More)
The Politics of Turkish Democracy
The Politics of Turkish Democracy (July 2005)
Ismet Inonu and the Formation of the Multi-Party System, 1938-1950
John M. VanderLippe - Author

The history of Turkey’s difficult transition to a multi-party political system.

One of the most significant yet least known periods of modern Turkish history is that of Turkey’s second president, Iùsmet Iùnönü. Following the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1938, Turkish politicians and intellectuals struggled to redefine Kemalist notions of modernity and democracy, Islam and ...(Read More)
JFK, LBJ, and the Democratic Party
JFK, LBJ, and the Democratic Party (September 2004)
Sean J. Savage - Author

2005 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award

A comprehensive account of JFK’s and LBJ’s leadership of the Democratic Party in the 1960s.

JFK, LBJ, and the Democratic Party is a richly detailed, comprehensive, and provocative account of presidential party leadership in the turbulent 1960s. Using many primary sources, including resources from presidential libraries, state a...(Read More)
Ideology, Party Change, and Electoral Campaigns in Israel, 1965-2001
Ideology, Party Change, and Electoral Campaigns in Israel, 1965-2001 (January 2003)
Jonathan Mendilow - Author

Explores the turbulent changes in Israel party politics since the mid-1960s.

The tumultuous and rapid political change experienced by Israel since 1965 has been reflected in the history of its party system. In this book, Jonathan Mendilow examines the party and party system transformations through the lens of the electoral campaigns that defined and reflected them. He shows that the relative stability of the dominant p...(Read More)
A Chill in the House
A Chill in the House (October 2001)
Actor Perspectives on Change and Continuity in the Pursuit of Legislative Success
Lewis G. Irwin - Author

Examines the growth of obstacles to legislative success since the 1960s in the U.S. House of Representatives.

How do laws come into being in today's Congress? Is public policy made the same way now as it was in the past? In seeking to convert an idea into law, would contemporary legislative actors identify key participants, chamber procedures, strategies, or legislative products differently than their counterpart...(Read More)
The Politics of Ideas
The Politics of Ideas (August 2001)
Intellectual Challenges Facing the American Political Parties
John Kenneth White - Editor
John C. Green - Editor

Essays on the need for a more dynamic public philosophy in American politics.

This collection addresses the importance of ideas, and ideas of importance, to American politics at the beginning of a new century. On the one hand, the contributors find a distressing absence of ideas in American politics and a parallel rise of the power of political identities, interests, and other detrimental influences. On the other hand, m...(Read More)
The Political Party Matrix
The Political Party Matrix (April 2001)
The Persistence of Organization
J. P. Monroe - Author

Argues that the political party remains an institution whose primary purpose is to allow elites to coordinate their activities in the political area.

The Political Party Matrix
focuses on the organizational life of the party as it emerges through the collaboration of elected officials. Monroe argues that, rather than experiencing an institutional or bureaucratic rebirth, the parties remain what they have always been: ...(Read More)
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