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Democratic Theories and the Constitution
Democratic Theories and the Constitution (June 1985)
Martin Edelman - Author

Although the government of the United States is traditionally viewed as a democracy, there is considerable disagreement about what democracy means and implies. In a comprehensive study Professor Edelman examines the three democratic paradigms most prevalent in America today: natural rights, contract, and competition. Theories based on these paradigms lead to different ideas of democracy, each of which yields variant interpretations of the Constit...(Read More)
The Politics of Salvation
The Politics of Salvation (June 1985)
The Hegelian Idea of State
Paul Lakeland - Author

The Politics of Salvation takes a radical stance: it focuses on the significance of the state in the Hegelian system when it is viewed as inspired and motivated by the Christian notion of God. The book thus makes connections between Hegel's political philosophy and his explicit appropriation of Christianity's incarnational mode of thinking. In unfolding the implications of this position, Lakeland shows how Hegel's thought can offer the bas...(Read More)
The Influence of the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations on American Foreign Policy
The Influence of the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations on American Foreign Policy (June 1984)
The Ideology of Philanthropy
Edward H. Berman - Author

Examines the generally unrecognized role played by these foundations in support of US foreign policy.

This book examines the generally unrecognized role played by the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller foundations in support of United States foreign policy, particularly since 1945. The foundations’ efforts on behalf of American interests abroad have focused primarily on their support for a number of institution...(Read More)
The State in Socialist Society
The State in Socialist Society (June 1984)
Neil Harding - Editor

The focus of all the essays in this collection is the problem of state power in Communist regimes. The problematic nature of the relationship between state and society has troubled the marxist tradition since its inception and continues to be an unresolved issue for its contemporary theorists. Western attempts to characterise the state formations of Communist regimes are equally notoriously debatable and fraught with methodological problems. Both in...(Read More)
Communist Legislatures in Comparative Perspective
Communist Legislatures in Comparative Perspective (June 1983)
Daniel Nelson - Author
Stephen White - Author

Communist legislatures have not normally been taken seriously by Westerners, who tend to see them as passive instruments of the Party, playing little part in the political life of their countries. The contributors to this volume, a group of specialists in communist politics drawn from both sides of the Atlantic, take issue with this view.

The chapters of this cross-national study contain thoroughly researched and up-to...(Read More)
Running in the Red
Running in the Red (June 1983)
The Political Dynamics of Urban Fiscal Stress
Irene S. Rubin - Author

This case study of a politically reformed, middle-sized Midwestern city provides a model of fiscal stress that contrasts sharply with that of America's vast metropolitan centers. Dr. Rubin examines the interaction of social, political, and economic causes of the city's predicament. She then goes on to analyze the specific factors that solved the city's problems over a six-year period. Finally, she offers a self-correcting mechanism that would all...(Read More)
Anatomy of Rebellion
Anatomy of Rebellion (June 1980)
Claude E. Welch Jr. - Author

Anatomy of Rebellion provides an understanding of four rebellions that will make clear the factors that are crucial in the development of other rebellions. Seeking a political pattern in the process of rebellion, Claude Welch, Jr., has investigated four large-scale rural uprisings that came close to becoming revolutions: the Taiping rebellion in China 1850-64, the Telengana uprising in India of 1946-51, the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya of 1952...(Read More)
The Terms of Order
The Terms of Order (June 1980)
Cedric J. Robinson - Author

Do we live in basically orderly societies that occasionally erupt into violent conflict, or do we fail to perceive the constancy of violence and disorder in our societies?

Cedric J. Robinson contends that our perception of political order is an illusion, maintained in part by Western political and social theorists who share a dependence on the concept of leadership as a basis for describing and prescribing social orde...(Read More)
De La Justice Politique
De La Justice Politique (June 1972)
W. Godwin - Author

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