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Happiness, Democracy, and the Cooperative Movement
Happiness, Democracy, and the Cooperative Movement (June 2014)
The Radical Utilitarianism of William Thompson
Mark J. Kaswan - Author

Examines the political significance of ideas about happiness through the work of utilitarian philosophers William Thompson and Jeremy Bentham.

Happiness is political. The way we think about happiness affects what we do, how we relate to other people and the world around us, our moral principles, and even our ideas about how society should be organized. Utilitarianism, a political theory based on hedonistic and in...(Read More)
Community, Culture, and Economic Development, Second Edition
Community, Culture, and Economic Development, Second Edition (December 2013)
Continuity and Change in Two Small Southern Towns
Meredith Ramsay - Author
Kirkland J. Hall Sr. - Foreword by

Newly updated comparative study of economic development policy, and its relationship with local power structures and cultural and social relations, in two Maryland towns.

Community economic development is conventionally explained using one of two models: a market model that assumes individuals always attempt to maximize their wealth, or a growth model that assumes land use is controlled by real estate developers ...(Read More)
Systems of Violence, Second Edition
Systems of Violence, Second Edition (June 2013)
The Political Economy of War and Peace in Colombia
Nazih Richani - Author

Expanded new edition of an important study of the protracted violence in Colombia.

This book examines the political, economic, and military factors that have contributed to decades of violent conflict in Colombia during one of the longest protracted civil wars in the world. Using four years of field research, and more than two hundred interviews, Nazih Richani examines Colombia’s “war system”&md...(Read More)
Energy and Empire
Energy and Empire (September 2012)
The Politics of Nuclear and Solar Power in the United States
George A. Gonzalez - Author

Reveals the role played by political and economic elites in the privileging of civilian commercial nuclear energy over other options, such as solar, in the United States after 1945.

What set the United States on the path to developing commercial nuclear energy in the 1950s, and what led to the seeming demise of that industry in the late 1970s? Why, in spite of the depletion of fossil fuels and the obvious d...(Read More)

The Challenges of Global Business Authority
The Challenges of Global Business Authority (May 2010)
Democratic Renewal, Stalemate, or Decay?
Tony Porter - Editor
Karsten Ronit - Editor

An astute assessment of democratic principles and decision-making structures in the global business world.

Business is being globalized with an immense speed, but are democratic practices and decision-making structures keeping pace? Contrary to those who see democracy as irrelevant or impossible at the global level, The Challenges of Global Business Authority analyzes three dimensions of democracy—part...(Read More)
Policing Narratives and the State of Terror
Policing Narratives and the State of Terror (November 2009)
Robin Truth Goodman - Author

Examines the recent “War on Terror” and the increasing privatization of international policing through the lens of detective fiction and security and espionage narratives.

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, world politics have increasingly mirrored plots of detective novels, with high-profile criminal investigations that cross multiple borders and the internationalized law enforcement pr...(Read More)

Olympic Industry Resistance
Olympic Industry Resistance (June 2008)
Challenging Olympic Power and Propaganda
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj - Author

A critical look at the Olympics in the postbribery, post-9/11 era, particularly at consequences for host cities and so-called “Olympic education” for schoolchildren.

Scholar and activist Helen Jefferson Lenskyj continues her critique of the Olympic industry, looking specifically at developments in the post-9/11 and postbribery scandal era. Examining events and activism in host cities, as well as in sev...(Read More)
Negotiating Democracy
Negotiating Democracy (October 2007)
Media Transformations in Emerging Democracies
Isaac A. Blankson - Editor
Patrick Murphy - Editor

Explores the relationship between media and democracy against the broader background of globalization.

Negotiating Democracy addresses issues that have defined the challenges and consequences of media transformation faced by new and emerging democracies. These issues include the dismantling of national broadcasting systems, the promotion of private independent and pluralistic media, the clash between liberal...(Read More)
The Chinese and Opium under the Republic
The Chinese and Opium under the Republic (January 2007)
Worse than Floods and Wild Beasts
Alan Baumler - Author

Examines China’s attempts to control the opium economy in the early twentieth century.

In the nineteenth century, opium smoking was common throughout China and regarded as a vice no different from any other: pleasurable, potentially dangerous, but not a threat to destroy the nation and the race, and often profitable to the state and individuals. Once Western concepts of addiction came to China in the twentiet...(Read More)
Deep History
Deep History (December 2006)
A Study in Social Evolution and Human Potential
David Laibman - Author

Blends insights from several disciplines to offer a general theory of social evolution.

Does history have a direction? Are there principles that unify our experience and show connections among diverse places, times, and cultures? Seeking to answer these questions, Deep History offers a fresh theory of social evolution while thinking grandly about the human condition. With his theory based in the Marxian and h...(Read More)
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