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Truant Pastures
Truant Pastures (September 2011)
The Complete Poems of Harry C. Staley
Harry C. Staley - Author
George Drew - Introduction

Poems that ponder the conundrums of existence and religious faith in wartime.


I try to hold my sleep against the dawn

I sleep against the outside light where crows

(nuns and Sergeants   priests and colonels)

conspire in the brightening yard

calling me from play   callin...(Read More)
The End of the Folded Map
The End of the Folded Map (February 2011)
Matthew Nienow - Author

Winner of the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Award for 2010.

“Winner of the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Award for 2010, Matthew Nienow’s The End of the Folded Map charts the jagged frontiers of memory with lines of metrical precision and imagistic inventiveness, rendering an atlas of our collective humanness.” — Pauline Uchmanowicz, final judge

Matthew Nienow...(Read More)
Forgotten Borough
Forgotten Borough (February 2011)
Writers Come to Terms with Queens
Nicole Steinberg - Editor

Twenty-four contemporary writers reflect on life in New York City’s biggest underdog, the “forgotten borough” of Queens.

The stories, poems, and essays in Forgotten Borough offer twenty-four takes on New York City’s biggest underdog: Queens. From the immigrant communities of Forest Hills to the unsung heroes of Maspeth and the bustling crowds of Flushing, Queens is the most divers...(Read More)

Circular Migrations
Circular Migrations (January 2011)
Brenda Bufalino - Author

Poetry that helps to explore the details of life.

From “My Back Porch”

I could make a picture book

with cut-outs pop-outs and load-ins

of Burrill Street long as a cobra

snaking from above the train station

all the way down past the monument

to Kings Beach

There has been much fascination of late with the esoteric side of Christianity—witness the phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, as well as the attention paid to various Gnostic Gospels.

This book will not add to this list.

Instead it goes back to the source of those...(Read More)
Learning to be Human
Learning to be Human (November 2010)
Selections from Over Thirteen Years of “Esteemed Reader” Columns in Chronogram Magazine
Jason Stern - Author

Compilation of Stern’s columns from Chronogram in which he explores the intriguing concept of regional culture in its full meaning.

Learning to be Human is a book about striving. The chapters are culled from a regular column in the Hudson Valley’s Chronogram magazine, over a thirteen year span. It is an inner account of a search for meaning in the light of the teachings of G....(Read More)
Crush Test
Crush Test (October 2010)
Dennis Doherty - Author

Poetry that sifts the possibilities of an American ethos and probes for a usable truth.

The energy in Crush Test derives form the tension between the received/imposed social order and the longings of the creative mind. At the bottom of these collected poems is the universal message to rail against the constructed oppressions we are born into amid the particular problems of contemporary life, the wonderfu...(Read More)
A Hellsmouth for Orpheus
A Hellsmouth for Orpheus (September 2010)
David Appelbaum - Author

To the poet’s quest for immortal vision, A Hellsmouth for Orpheus offers the longing of human desire. Raw but discreet, deliberately sensual, evoking an elusive authority, this book-length poem turns to the love of song to rescue life from annihilation by the common-place. As Appelbaum writes,

      nature is observed

     &n...(Read More)
An Alchemist at Heart
An Alchemist at Heart (September 2010)
David Appelbaum - Author

Purveyor of local geography and lover of mountain hikes, David Appelbaum holds a degree in philosophy. He is past editor of Parabola Magazine and currently, publisher of Codhill Press.
Only the Sound Itself
Only the Sound Itself (September 2010)
Ben Mitchell - Author

Poetry that reminds us to think about the experiences that made us who we are.

Only the Sound Itself reminds us to think about the experiences that made us who we are. This poetry acts as a wake-up call to make us realize how hectic and crazy our lives have become. The theme of nature throughout the collection allows one to see the peace and serenity that used to exist and how the simplicity of life is lo...(Read More)
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