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Reflections on Spanish American Poetry
Reflections on Spanish American Poetry (June 1973)
Jorge C. Andrade - Author

In these five essays the Ecuadorian poet Jorge Carrera Andrade traces the evolution of Spanish-American poetry from the sixteenth century to the present.

The author shows how Spanish-American literature grew out of the special conditions produced when the New World environment totally transformed Old World culture and society. Initially, the brilliance of the land and its extraordinary peoples inspired European interest in exot...(Read More)
Complete Poetry of Osip Emilevich Mandelstam
Complete Poetry of Osip Emilevich Mandelstam (January 1973)
Burton Raffel - Translator
Alla Burago - Translator
Sidney Monas - Introduction

Offers the complete body of work of one of the twentieth century’s greatest Russian poets for the first time in English.

Osip Emilevich Mandelstam, the great twentieth-century Russian poet, was once thought to be buried forever in secret files and condemned to oblivion by official silence. Thanks to his widow, dedicated scholars, and the talented efforts of Burton Raffel and Alla Burago in this volume he takes his rightful...(Read More)
Selected Poems of Jorge Carrera Andrade
Selected Poems of Jorge Carrera Andrade (June 1972)
Jorge C. Andrade - Author
H.R. Hays - Translator

While Latin American poets such as Pablo Neruda, Jorge Luis Borges, and Octacio Paz have been receiving most of the attention of critics, the Ecuadorian poet Jorge Carrera Andrade had quietly continued writing his "transparent" poetry. Nevertheless, Carrera Andrade's poems are undoubtedly some of the best ever written in the Spanish language, and he has often been mentioned as a likely candidate for the Nobel Prize.

In his poet...(Read More)
Book of Good Love
Book of Good Love (June 1970)
Juan Ruiz - Author

A masterpiece in the tradition of the Decameron and the Canterbury Tales, Juan Ruiz’s fourteenth-century Spanish narrative poem combines the comic and the serious, the bawdy and the practical, the satiric and the tender, the devout and the blasphemous. In a first prose translation, Professors Mignani and Di Cesare succeed in conveying the vitality and sly humor of the original.

The...(Read More)
The Complete Poetry and Prose of Chairil Anwar
The Complete Poetry and Prose of Chairil Anwar (June 1970)
Burton Raffel - Editor/translator

Victorian Poetry and the Romantic Religion
Victorian Poetry and the Romantic Religion (June 1970)
Derek Colville - Author

This book is a critical introduction to major English poetry of the nineteenth century with an analysis of the changes in subject matter, form, tone, and technique resulting from Romantic influences. A reexamination of Victorian poems, placed against a background of Romantic thought, structure, and method, includes most of the major works of Arnold and Tennyson, as well as selected poems of Browning. Professor Colville reveals particular adaptatio...(Read More)
Development of Modern Indonesian Poetry
Development of Modern Indonesian Poetry (June 1967)
Burton Raffel - Editor/translator

Indonesian poetry, like the country and also the language, is basically a product of this century. Only in the twentieth century have the people of this vast archipelago begun to achieve a unified cultural identity and national spirit; only since 1928 has the possibility, and by now the reality, of a common language been realized; and only since World War II have Indonesians achieved nationhood. Yet Indonesia has already produced a highly individua...(Read More)
Martin Fierro
Martin Fierro (June 1967)
Jose Hernandez - Author
Frank G. Carrino - Editor
Alberto Carlos - Editor
Catherine E. Ward - Translator

“The two poems which, together, are popularly known as the Martín Fierro form what is often regarded as the greatest single Spanish American work in creative literature. Appropriately, it draws from Spain the language and verse forms which have long been the vehicle of improvisation, the didactic folk wisdom of old Spanish proverbs, the Spanish interest in law whether formally codified in the fueros and the Siete P...(Read More)
Swinburne's Theory of Poetry
Swinburne's Theory of Poetry (June 1965)
Thomas E. Connolly - Author

Charles Algernon Swinburne's literary reputation rests almost exclusively upon his poetry, and though his critical writings were voluminous, they are usually slighted by literary historians. Examinations of Swinburne's aesthetic principles, too, are generally based upon interpretations of his poetry, though these may be as misleading as the discrepancies between other artists' principles and practices.

Believing that a solid and consistent c...(Read More)
Doctrine and Poetry
Doctrine and Poetry (June 1959)
Augustine's Influence on Old English Poetry
Bernard F. Huppe - Author

To our modern sensibilities, "doctrine" and "poetry" may seem antithetical, but the medieval Christian found nothing conflicting in them. In this provocative book, Bernard F. Huppe outlines the influence of Augustinian doctrine upon old English poetry and shows that their association was so close as to be indissoluble.

Augustinian literary doctrine, religious in its orientation, held that the purpose of literature is the promotion of charity...(Read More)
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