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Hegel's Grand Synthesis
Hegel's Grand Synthesis (July 1989)
A Study of Being, Thought, and History
Daniel Berthold-Bond - Author

This book offers the first genuinely systematic treatment of Hegel's eschatology in the literature. It is an investigation into Hegel's project to demonstrate the ultimate unity of thought and being (consciousness and reality, self and world). The author traces the project through Hegel's epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of history.

The grand synthesis creates a basic tension, an ambivalence, that reache...(Read More)
Knowledge and the Sacred
Knowledge and the Sacred (July 1989)
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Author

"Professor Nasr draws upon the full range of the great religious traditions--Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic--and much of modern philosophical thought as well, to establish the close connection between religious experience and speculative thought in the various traditions." -- Cross Currents

"This remarkably comprehensive, indeed magisterial, exposition and analysis of sacred tradition as such, illuminated by innumerabl...(Read More)
Margins of Political Discourse
Margins of Political Discourse (July 1989)
Fred Dallmayr - Author

"Margins of political discourse" are those border zones where paradigms intersect and where issues of order and disorder, meaning and non-meaning must be continually renegotiated.

Our age is marked by multiple dislocations, by political as well as philosophical paradigm shifts. Politically, a Europe-centered world order has given way to a decentered arena of global power struggles. Philosophically, traditional metaphysics -- itself ...(Read More)
Metaphysical Aporia and Philosophical Heresy
Metaphysical Aporia and Philosophical Heresy (July 1989)
Stephen David Ross - Author

From Descartes to the present, there has been a call for a new beginning in philosophy. Contemporary continental philosophy and American pragmatism continue to proclaim the end of one philosophic tradition and the beginning of another. The basis for many of these developments is the repudiation of metaphysics.

The purpose of this book is to rethink the metaphysical traditions in terms of the continental and pragmatist critique...(Read More)
The Question of the Other
The Question of the Other (July 1989)
Essays in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Arleen B. Dallery - Editor
Charles E. Scott - Editor

The core source of this book is the work of Emmanuel Levinas. Beginning with a chapter on speaking and the other, three lead chapters focus on Levinas' account of the face of the other. These chapters are followed by explorations of the ethics of dissemination in Derrida, the freedom of the other in Sartre, the cultural other in Husserlian phenomenology, the other as sexual difference in Irigaray and Nietzsche, the sublime in aesthetics, and the ...(Read More)
Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy
Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy (June 1989)
Oswald Hanfling - Author

“Philosophy,” wrote Wittgenstein, “simply puts everything before us, and neither explains nor deduces anything.”

Hanfling takes seriously Wittgenstein’s declaration of what he was doing, emphasizing Wittgenstein’s rejection of theory and explanation in favor of ‘description alone.’ He demonstrates the importance of Wittgenstein’s philosophy to long-standing problems about language, knowledge, the mind, and philosophy itself. The boo...(Read More)

Platonic Studies of Greek Philosophy
Platonic Studies of Greek Philosophy (January 1989)
Form, Arts, Gadgets, and Hemlock
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

“Platonic Studies is a tour de force of contemporary philosophy, combining painstaking analyses of Platonic and Aristotelian texts with imaginative reconstruction. It links a revisionary interpretation of the ancient social, scientific, and technological setting for Greek philosophy with trenchant 'Platonic' criticisms of contemporary conditions. Technical analyses, such as that of the mathematical ratios structuring th...(Read More)
Peirce's Approach to the Self
Peirce's Approach to the Self (December 1988)
A Semiotic Perspective on Human Subjectivity
Vincent M. Colapietro - Author

Based on a careful study of his unpublished manuscripts as well as his published work, this book explores Peirce's general theory of signs and the way in which Peirce himself used this theory to understand subjectivity. Peirce's views are presented, not only in reference to important historical (jaems, Saussure) and contemporary (Eco, Kristeva) figures, but also in reference to some of the central controversies regarding signs. Colapietro adopts a...(Read More)
Philosophy in Process
Philosophy in Process (December 1988)
Vol. 11
Paul Weiss - Author

Philosophy in Process, Volume Eleven, continues the publication of the working journals, the intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. It presents the opportunity to experience him at work, thinking critically about his past writings and breaking ground in the creation of new works.

"Weiss' entry for January 21, 1979, expresses his own understanding of this journal and its significance. 'I think this journal sh...(Read More)
The Public Realm
The Public Realm (December 1988)
Essays on Discursive Types in Political Philosophy
Reiner Schurmann - Editor

This book offers a collection of essays in contemporary political philosophy from a wide range of Continental viewpoints. The authors include some of the most prominent European and European-oriented philosophers and political thinkers of our day.

Two sections out of four focus on the debate between prescriptive and descriptive types of political thinking. On the prescriptive or normative side, Karl-Otto Apel, Robert Paul Wolff, Robert Spae...(Read More)
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