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Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time
Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time (December 1985)
Bohm, Prigogine, and Process Philosophy
David Ray Griffin - Editor

Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time challenges the conventional view of the nature of time. The dominant twentieth-century view, supported by Einstein and many of the founders of quantum theory, implies that time is ultimately unreal. Several new schools of thought reject the notion that physics is temporally symmetrical, and that time could just as easily run backwards. Combating this conventional view of time, this book offers ...(Read More)
Free Will and Values
Free Will and Values (November 1985)
Robert Kane - Author

A philosophical analysis of free will and the relativity of values.

This book shows how two topics of longstanding philosophical interest—free will and value relativism—are connected in unsuspected ways. The ancient doctrine that all values are relative provides clues needed to resolve some important philosophical problems about free will. One of these problems concerns theories that deny the compa...(Read More)
The Importances of the Past
The Importances of the Past (November 1985)
A Meditation on the Authority of Tradition
George Allan - Author

This book examines tradition, the authority of the past, by tracing the process through which emotion and imagination transform everyday experience into an awareness of one's dependence on the work of predecessors. The King Arthur legend serves as a case study, outlining how this authority of tradition creates and sustains meaningful structures of social order.

“This is a strikingly beautiful piece of philosophical...(Read More)
Picturing the World
Picturing the World (November 1985)
John C. Gilmour - Author

Scientists are portrayed as champions of objectivity and truth, and artists as champions of subjectivity and creative expression. Through analysis of modern art, John C. Gilmour shows how misleading is this separation of the world into objective and subjective spheres. This false dichotomy depends upon a dated philosophy of mind. The issues posed are developed from the ideas of Nietzche, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Gadamer, Ricoeur, Wittgenstein, R...(Read More)
Philosophy in Process
Philosophy in Process (October 1985)
Vol. 7, P. 2
Paul Weiss - Author

Philosophy in Process, Volume 7, Part II continues the publication of the working journals, the intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. It represents the unique opportunity to experience him at work, thinking critically about his past writings and breaking ground in the creation of new works.

“Paul Weiss is a national resource at a time when most philosophers are narrow, technical, and ob...(Read More)
The Architectonics of Meaning
The Architectonics of Meaning (October 1985)
Foundations of the New Pluralism
Walter Watson - Author

“This book presents what I take to be the most significant philosophic discovery of the present century. This is the discovery, first, of the fact of pluralism, that the truth admits of more than one valid formulation, and, second, of the reason for this fact in arbitrary or conventional elements inseparable from the nature of thought itself. With this discovery, the very thing that was formerly thought to be a scandal and a disgrace to philoso...(Read More)
Structural Depths of Indian Thought
Structural Depths of Indian Thought (August 1985)
P. T. Raju - Author

"No other work treating Indian philosophy on a comparable scale contains the illuminating comparisons between doctrines of Indian schools and the thought of Western philosophy ranging from Plato to Sartre and Wittgenstein...It will, moreover, contribute to the understanding of Western philosophy by Indian thinkers and vice versa...Raju has an intimate acquaintance with a remarkable range of Western thinkers and this distinguishes his work from most ...(Read More)
A Discourse on Novelty and Creation
A Discourse on Novelty and Creation (June 1985)
Carl Hausman - Author

Discourse on Novelty and Creation is an extremely subtle analysis of the problem of novelty in art, and the catholicity of Hausman's reading makes this work stand out from all other treatments, usually analytical, of this subject. I am impressed with the thoroughness and imagination of this book." -- Robert C. Neville

Carl Hausman presents here a sustained and systematic examination of the problems of constructing a framework for unde...(Read More)
Between Kant and Hegel
Between Kant and Hegel (June 1985)
Texts in the Development of Post-Kantian Idealism
George di Giovanni - Translated and annotated by
H. S. Harris - Translated and annotated by

This volume fills an important gap in the philosophical literature by providing an anthology of writings from the crucial generation of thinkers between Kant and Hegel. An introductory essay by di Giovanni fits these authors and their work into the context of the general reception of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.

Between Kant and Hegel includes a translation of the only significant reviews by Hegel in t...(Read More)
Charles Hartshorne and the Existence of God
Charles Hartshorne and the Existence of God (June 1985)
Donald W. Viney - Author

In a lucid and comprehensive study, Professor Viney presents an excellent critical analysis of Hartshorne's thought about God. Demonstrating his thesis from many points of view (ontological, cosmological, teleological, moral, aesthetic, etc.), Viney deftly illustrates Hartshorne's belief that any one argument for God is inconclusive, but that many woven together make up a convincing interpretative expression of the world.