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The Philosophy of Mulla Sadra Shirazi
The Philosophy of Mulla Sadra Shirazi (June 1976)
Fazlur Rahman - Author

Explores the philosophy of Mulla Sadra Shirazi.

Mulla Sadra Shirazi emerges as an original philosopher who had a sure understanding of his Greek and Islamic predecessors. He is worthy of study by scholars concerned with the development of Islamic philosophy because of his attempt to reconcile various currents of Islamic philosophical thought, particularly the peripatetic tradition of Ibn Arabi. Modern existentialis...(Read More)
Al-Kindi's Metaphysics
Al-Kindi's Metaphysics (June 1974)
A Translation of Ya'qub ibn Ishaq al-kindi's Treatise "On First Philosophy"
Alfred L. Ivry - Intro and commentary

A translation and commentary on al-Kindi's “On First Philosophy,” a seminal work of early Islamic thought.

Al-Kindi emerges as a philosopher who attempted to present, interpret, and supplement past philosophies as parts of an essentially unified tradition that would make for a viable philosophy in Islamic society. He assumes a place at or near the beginning of a philosophical current—based on tra...(Read More)
Essays on Islamic Philosophy
Essays on Islamic Philosophy (June 1974)
G. Hourani - Author

Philosophical Perspectives on Punishment
Philosophical Perspectives on Punishment (June 1972)
Gertrude Ezorsky - Editor

"Punishment," writes J. E. McTaggart, "is pain and to inflict pain on any person obviously [requires] justification." But if the need to justify punishment is obvious, the manner of doing so is not. Philosophers have developed an array of diverse, often conflicting arguments to justify punitive institutions.

Gertrude Ezorsky introduces this source book of significant historical and contemporary philosophical writings on problems of punishme...(Read More)
Whitehead's Ontology
Whitehead's Ontology (June 1972)
John W. Lango - Author

An examination of Whitehead’s metaphysics through a study of his Process and Reality.
Ethics and Social Justice
Ethics and Social Justice (June 1970)
Howard E. Kiefer - Editor
Milton K. Munitz - Editor

Hailed by philosopher Sidney Hook as "a landmark in the history of American philosophy," the International Philosophy Year in 1967-68 brought seventy of the Western world's most distinguished philosophers to the State University College at Brockport for a series of fourteen conferences devoted to different areas of philosophic inquiry.

Contemporary Philosophic Thought, which records the original papers of these conferences in four volu...(Read More)
Mind Science and History
Mind Science and History (June 1970)
Howard E. Kiefer - Author

The Philosophy of Chrysippus
The Philosophy of Chrysippus (June 1970)
Josiah B. Gould - Author

The Philosophy of Chrysippus is a reconstruction of the philosophy of an eminent Stoic philosopher, based upon the fragmentary remains of his voluminous writings. Chrysippus of Cilicia, who lived in a period that covers roughly the last three-quarters of the third century B.C., studied philosophy in Athens and upon Cleanthes’ death became the third head of the Stoa, one of the four great schools of philosophy of the Hellenistic ...(Read More)
Rabelaisian Dialectic and the Platonic-Hermetic Tradition
Rabelaisian Dialectic and the Platonic-Hermetic Tradition (June 1969)
George M. Masters - Author

In this study, Professor Masters looks beyond the few critical attempts that heretofore have analyzed only isolated aspects of Platonism and Hermetism in Rabelaisian literature. He examines the closely related themes of Platonism, the Dionysian mysteries, and the Hermetic sciences in Rabelais’s work and concludes that Rabelais shared with the Platonic-Hermetic tradition both its dialectic and perception of man’s position in the u...(Read More)
Foundations of Knowledge
Foundations of Knowledge (June 1968)
E.P. Papanoutsos - Author
John P. Anton - Editor/translator

“The inquiry into the foundations of knowledge is a systematic inquiry into the problem of truth. This problem constitutes one of the three main concerns of philosophical analysis, the others being the problem of beauty and the problem of goodness.” Thus Evangelos P. Papanoutsos, Greece’s leading contemporary philosopher, introduces this third book of his “Trilogy of the Mind.” The first two volumes covered aesth...(Read More)
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