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System and History in Philosophy
System and History in Philosophy (July 1986)
On the Unity of Thought & Time, Text & Explanation, Solitude & Dialogue, Rhetoric & Truth in the Practice of Philosophy and its History
Adriaan Theodoor Peperzak - Author

The book begins with the problem of the relationship between systematic philosophy and the history of philosophy. Why does philosophy attach so much importance to history? Consideration of this question is an essential part of metaphysics, and it has important consequences for the methodology of both history and philosophy.

An analysis of the problem that begins the book leads to many other fundamental questions concerning the nature of philo...(Read More)
Life of the Transcendental Ego
Life of the Transcendental Ego (June 1986)
Essays in Honor of William Earle
Edward S. Casey - Editor
Donald V. Morano - Editor

"The essays are well written, interesting, and to the point. Anyone concerned with phenomenological or existential philosophy could profitably read the book, as would those with a more general philosophical interest." -- Edward Goodwin Ballard

The Life of the Transcendental Ego presents essays by a number of distinguished writers in the continental tradition of philosophy. The essays include problems in transcend...(Read More)
Powers of Imagining
Powers of Imagining (June 1986)
Ignatius de Loyola: A Philosophical Hermeneutic of Imagining through the Collected Works of Ignatius de Loyola
Antonio T. de Nicolas - Author

Presents new translations of works by Loyola.

This book presents a new translation of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius de Loyola, of his Spiritual Diary, of his Autobiography, and some of his letters. These translations are introduced by a hermeneutical commentary laying out the theory and practices of the decision-making power of imagining.

Ignatius proposed in his Spiritual Exercise<...(Read More)
The Argument of the Tractatus
The Argument of the Tractatus (June 1986)
Its Relevance to Contemporary Theories of Logic, Language, Mind, and Philosophical Truth
Richard McDonough - Author

The Argument of the "Tractatus" presents a single unified interpretation of the Tractatus based on Wittgenstein's own view that the philosophy of logic is the real foundation of his philosophical system. It demonstrates that on this interpretation Wittgenstein's views are far more visionary and relevant to contemporary discussions than has been suspected. A case in point is a new interpretation of Wittgenstein's theory of meaning tha...(Read More)
Toward a Perfected State
Toward a Perfected State (June 1986)
Paul Weiss - Author

"The work is a fully textured, wonderfully informed book. Its distinctions are subtle; its connection of conceptions is brilliant. The book is a mine of ideas." -- Irwin C. Lieb, University of Southern California

"I was inclined while reading it to think of it in relation to classical works; i.e., Aristotle, Locke, Hobbes, Hegel, Marx." -- Brian J. Martine, University of Alabama, Huntsville

"Weiss is a distinctive philosophical author....(Read More)
Whitehead's Metaphysics of Extension and Solidarity
Whitehead's Metaphysics of Extension and Solidarity (June 1986)
Jorge Luis Nobo - Author

At the base of Whitehead's philosophy of organism is a vision of the solidarity of all final actualities. Each actuality is a discrete individual enjoying autonomous self-determination, yet each also requires all other actualities as essential components and partial determinants of its own nature. This vision of universal solidarity, Nobo demonstrates, is the fundamental metaphysical thesis whose truth the categories and principles of Whitehead's ph...(Read More)
Nagarjuna (January 1986)
The Philosophy of the Middle Way
David J. Kalupahana - Author

This is a completely new translation of Nagarjuna's major work, the Mulamadhyamakakarika, accompanied by a detailed annotation of each of the verses. The annotation identifies the metaphysical theories of the scholastics criticized by Nagarjuna, and traces the source material and the arguments utilized in his refutation back to the early discourses of the Buddha.

The Introduction presents a completely new hypothesisthe nature o...(Read More)
Hegel and Whitehead
Hegel and Whitehead (January 1986)
Contemporary Perspectives on Systematic Philosophy
George R. Lucas Jr. - Editor

Hegel and Whitehead presents a careful exploration of the similarities between these two formidable representatives of systematic philosophy. Some of the most distinguished scholars in European and American philosophy converge herein to explore the similarities in Hegel's and Whitehead's contemporary influence, as well as in the content of their respective systems and in their philosophical styles.

This volume begins with important cr...(Read More)
Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time
Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time (December 1985)
Bohm, Prigogine, and Process Philosophy
David Ray Griffin - Editor

Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time challenges the conventional view of the nature of time. The dominant twentieth-century view, supported by Einstein and many of the founders of quantum theory, implies that time is ultimately unreal. Several new schools of thought reject the notion that physics is temporally symmetrical, and that time could just as easily run backwards. Combating this conventional view of time, this book offers ...(Read More)
Free Will and Values
Free Will and Values (November 1985)
Robert Kane - Author

A philosophical analysis of free will and the relativity of values.

This book shows how two topics of longstanding philosophical interest—free will and value relativism—are connected in unsuspected ways. The ancient doctrine that all values are relative provides clues needed to resolve some important philosophical problems about free will. One of these problems concerns theories that deny the compa...(Read More)
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