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Reinterpreting the Political
Reinterpreting the Political (July 1998)
Continental Philosophy and Political Theory
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Stephen H. Watson - Editor
Karen A. Smith - Editor

Rereads classical figures in continental thought, takes up current topics in the legacy of political theory, and analyzes and evaluates Foucault's work as a prime manifestation of the complicated modern interface between truth and power, institution and liberation.

The task of reinterpretation arises from recognition, within continental philosophy, of a certain abandonment of political philosophy for historicism or a s...(Read More)
Rising from the Ruins
Rising from the Ruins (May 1998)
Reason, Being, and the Good After Auschwitz
Garth Jackson Gillan - Author

An assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Holocaust.

Rising from the Ruins is an assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Shoah, or Holocaust. The historical character of evil that appeared in the Shoah damaged the relationship of human existence to being, creating a time when the confidence of reason to possess the truth no ...(Read More)
Goethe's Way of Science
Goethe's Way of Science (April 1998)
A Phenomenology of Nature
David Seamon - Editor
Arthur Zajonc - Editor

Examines Goethe's neglected but sizable body of scientific work, considers the philosophical foundations of his approach, and applies his method to the real world of nature.

Though best known for his superlative poetry and plays, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) also produced a sizable body of scientific work that focused on such diverse topics as plants, color, clouds, weather, and geology. Goethe's way of science...(Read More)
Subjects of Deceit
Subjects of Deceit (January 1998)
A Phenomenology of Lying
Alison Leigh Brown - Author

Explores the connection between epistemological and moral "lying," interspersing a phenomenology of deceit with a continuing dialogue between the phenomenologist and one of her students.

Philosophy has traditionally concerned itself with truth and the knowledge of truth, but in recent years these concerns have been undermined or redirected. Systematic philosophy is said to be dead. Thus epistemology, according to this...(Read More)
Hegel's Transcendental Induction
Hegel's Transcendental Induction (December 1997)
Peter Simpson - Author

Challenges the orthodox account of Hegelian phenomenology as hyper-rationalism, arguing that Hegel's insistence on the primacy of experience in the development of scientific knowledge amounts to a kind of empiricism, or inductive epistemology.
Hegel's Transcendental Induction challenges the orthodox account of Hegelian phenomenology as a hyper-rationalism, arguing that Hegel's insistence on the primacy of experience in the developm...(Read More)
Logic and Existence
Logic and Existence (July 1997)
Jean Hyppolite - Author
Leonard Lawlor - Translator
Amit Sen - Translator

This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism's most obscure dialectical synthesis: the relation between the phenomenology and the logic. This book is essential for understanding the development of French thought in this century.

Logic and Existence, which originally appeared in 1952, completes the project Hyppolite began with Genesis and Structure of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. ...(Read More)
After Modernity
After Modernity (July 1996)
Husserlian Reflections on a Philosophical Tradition
James R. Mensch - Author

Offers an alternative to the modern foundationalist paradigm, based in Husserl's analysis of temporality, that shows how the passing of modernity provides an opening for doing metaphysics in a new nonfoundationalist manner.

This book provides an important new answer to the much-discussed question of the nature and possibility of philosophy following the collapse of the modern foundationalist paradigm. Mensch offers an a...(Read More)
Sociology and Interpretation
Sociology and Interpretation (July 1996)
From Weber to Habermas
Charles A. Pressler - Author
Fabio B. Dasilva - Author

Explores the contributions to interpretive sociology of major Continental social theorists and examines the ways in which these individuals enrich our understanding of the art of being human.

Interpretive sociology involves the consideration of not only sense evidence, but also of meanings, affects, and other subjective phenomena. Sociologists and social philosophers have attempted to understand social behavior through o...(Read More)
The Constructed Body
The Constructed Body (August 1995)
AIDS, Reproductive Technology, and Ethics
Julien S. Murphy - Author

This book takes a phenomenological approach to feminist issues in medical ethics: AIDS and reproductive technology.
This book contributes to new directions in medical ethics by using recent philosophical theories, such as phenomenological, deconstruction, and post-structuralism, and extends philosophical analysis to allow for the influences of politics, cultural difference, and history on ethics. The author views AIDS from several diffe...(Read More)
Listening, Playing, Creating
Listening, Playing, Creating (February 1995)
Essays on the Power of Sound
Carolyn Bereznak Kenny - Author

This is a book on the therapeutic quality of music. Musicians, philosophers, music therapists, and others discuss their experiences.
"I like the book's immense variety of well articulated statements with regard to musical experience--the opportunity to enter into intelligent, sensitive personal viewpoints that are rarely or never expressed. I enjoy the mixture of poetic, imaginative thinking with a more analytical treatment of the subject...(Read More)
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