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Freud and Faith
Freud and Faith (February 2003)
Living in the Tension
Kirk A. Bingaman - Author

Explores how religious believers can—and why they should—engage the work of Sigmund Freud, despite his well-known dismissal of faith.

Whether Sigmund Freud’s theory precludes serious engagement with psychoanalytic theory for those professing faith in the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition has been controversial for years. Coming to terms with Freud’s theory has proved difficult for rel...(Read More)

On Losing the Soul
On Losing the Soul (July 1995)
Essays in the Social Psychology of Religion
Richard K. Fenn - Editor
Donald Capps - Editor

This book introduces the notion of the soul and explores some of the indications, causes, and consequences for its being missing, especially in discussions of individuality.
"The various essays in this book address one of the great deficiencies in the social sciences--an in-depth discussion of soul, transcendence, and the feeling of finitude humans face but which traditional social scientific discussion refuses to consider. The authors po...(Read More)
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