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Signifying Pain
Signifying Pain (March 2003)
Constructing and Healing the Self through Writing
Judith Harris - Author

Explores the therapeutic uses and effects of writing in a post-Freudian age.

A deeply personal yet universal work, Signifying Pain applies the principles of therapeutic writing to such painful life experiences as mental illness, suicide, racism, domestic abuse, and even genocide. Probing deep into the bedrock of literary imagination, Judith Harris traces the odyssey of a diverse group of writers—John Keats, D...(Read More)
Idioms of Distress
Idioms of Distress (October 2002)
Psychosomatic Disorders in Medical and Imaginative Literature
Lilian R. Furst - Author

Traces portrayals of psychosomatic disorders in medical and imaginative literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This interdisciplinary study examines the enigmatic category of psychosomatic disorders as articulated in medical writings and represented in literary works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Six key works are analyzed: Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Émile Zola’s Thér...(Read More)
The Marked Body
The Marked Body (August 2002)
Domestic Violence in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Literature
Kate Lawson - Author
Lynn Shakinovsky - Author

Discusses portrayals of domestic violence in six major works of mid-nineteenth-century literature.

The ambiguities and paradoxes of domestic violence were amplified in Victorian culture, which emphasized the home as a woman's place of security. In The Marked Body, Kate Lawson and Lynn Shakinovsky examine the discarded and violated bodies of middle-class women in selected texts of mid-nineteenth-century fic...(Read More)
Joy and the Objects of Psychoanalysis
Joy and the Objects of Psychoanalysis (September 2001)
Literature, Belief, and Neurosis
Volney P. Gay - Author

Shows how literature can aid psychoanalysts in the understanding of psychological conflicts.

For more than a hundred years, psychoanalysts have applied their theories of neurosis to objects of culture, including literature. In this book, psychoanalyst, anthropologist, and scholar of religion Volney P. Gay reverses field and uses literature to reevaluate psychoanalysis. Arguing that neurosis occurs when we cannot recollect joy, Gay focu...(Read More)
Conceptions of Postwar German Masculinity
Conceptions of Postwar German Masculinity (May 2001)
Roy Jerome - Editor
Michael S. Kimmel - Afterword

Examines masculinity in German culture, society, and literature from 1945 to the present.

"After the horrors of the Holocaust, how does a new generation of German men experience and express their masculinity? This wide-ranging collection explores the meaning of masculinity in contemporary Germany, both in reality and representation. From psychoanalytic probes into the darker recesses of recent familial past to contempo...(Read More)
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective (March 2001)
Willie van Peer - Editor
Seymour Chatman - Editor

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to narrative perspective, with essays by leading scholars of literary studies, cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and film and media criticism.

Narrative perspective is the faculty through which humans understand, structure, and explore the world that confronts them. This is the first volume to bring together the theoretical study of perspective with the rigor of experimental studies, co...(Read More)
Writing Prejudices
Writing Prejudices (March 2001)
The Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy of Discrimination from Shakespeare to Toni Morrison
Robert Samuels - Author

Examines the manifestations of racism, sexism, and homophobia in the literary works of Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, Joseph Conrad, and Toni Morrison.

Writing Prejudices addresses critical attempts to undermine prejudice through education in general, and literary studies in particular. Robert Samuels argues that these attempts often fail because they do not take into account the different forms of prejudice, the role...(Read More)
Literary Trauma
Literary Trauma (November 2000)
Sadism, Memory, and Sexual Violence in American Women's Fiction
Deborah M. Horvitz - Author

Examines representations of political, psychological, and sexual violence in seven novels by American women.

This book examines portrayals of political and psychological trauma, particularly sexual trauma, in the work of seven American women writers. Concentrating on novels by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Pauline Hopkins, Gayl Jones, Leslie Marmon Silko, Dorothy Allison, Joyce Carol Oates, and Margaret Atwood, Horvitz investigates whether...(Read More)
Gestural Politics
Gestural Politics (June 2000)
Stereotype and Parody in Joyce
Christy L. Burns - Author

Explores James Joyce's use of parody and humor in his representation of women, gays, and Irish nationalism, and discusses how his complex attitude toward parody and stereotyping is related to his aesthetic vision.

Gestural Politics explores James Joyce's use of parody and humor in his representation of women, gays, and Irish nationalism. Author Christy L. Burns also discusses how Joyce's complex attitude toward parody and stereo...(Read More)
Once Below a Time
Once Below a Time (May 2000)
Dylan Thomas, Julia Kristeva, and Other Speaking Subjects
Eynel Wardi - Author

Offers a psychoanalytically enhanced theory of poetics through close readings of Dylan Thomas and Julia Kristeva.

Highly original and theoretically wide-ranging, this book offers new insights into the origins of poetry. Working with much of the significant primary and secondary literature in psychoanalysis, particularly the theories of Julia Kristeva, the book skillfully sketches out a psychoanalytically enhanced theory of poetics thro...(Read More)
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