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Democracy and the Policy Sciences
Democracy and the Policy Sciences (August 1997)
Peter deLeon - Author

Examines how a more democratic, participatory policy analysis could be conceptualized in theory and administered in practice.

As originally proposed by Harold Lasswell, the policy sciences were dedicated to democratic governance. But today they are far removed from the democratic process and do little to promote the American democratic system. This book examines how in the context of American history and the development of the poli...(Read More)
Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves
Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves (December 1996)
The Role of Citizen Owners in Making a Better Government
Hindy L. Schachter - Author

Viewing the public as owners rather than customers of government, this book argues that better performance by public agencies requires active and responsible citizens as well as efficient organizations.

"What I like most about this book is that it brings historically grounded arguments to bear on the citizenship/professionalism debate that has simmered since professional management developed at the turn of the century. C...(Read More)
Staking Out the Terrain
Staking Out the Terrain (July 1996)
Power and Performance Among Natural Resource Agencies, Second Edition
Jeanne Nienaber Clarke - Author
Daniel McCool - Author

An original approach to the study of bureaucratic behavior that formulates a model of agency power supported by analysis of seven federal natural resource agencies.

“Staking Out the Terrain
is a provocative and thoughtful work. …It is, in fact, of potential value to anyone interested in public policy or organizational behavior.” — Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

...(Read More)
Powersharing (May 1996)
White House-Cabinet Relations in the Modern Presidency
Shirley Anne Warshaw - Author

This study of presidential administrations from Nixon through Clinton discusses how and why the White House has become the dominant player in the domestic policy process, relegating the departments to implementation, rather than design, of key initiatives.

“Powersharing is a major study of cabinet-White House relations in the modern presidency. Professor Warshaw argues forcefully that presidents need a strong...(Read More)
Abortion Rates in the United States
Abortion Rates in the United States (February 1996)
The Influence of Opinion and Policy
Matthew E. Wetstein - Author

Demonstrates that individual state policies on abortion closely reflect public opinion in that state and affect abortion rates, whereas national policy and policy changes have no real effect on abortion rates.

"Abortion Rates in the United States features a comprehensive treatment of an important policy topic in a single volume and incorporates sophisticated methodologies to advance our understanding of the dynami...(Read More)
Community, Culture, and Economic Development
Community, Culture, and Economic Development (November 1995)
The Social Roots of Local Action
Meredith Ramsay - Author

A comparative study of economic development policy, and its relationship with local power structures and cultural and social relations, in two Maryland towns that have rejected development.

"This is a fascinating and sophisticated account of rural politics that is much more than anecdotal. The book is unique in applying theories developed in the study of urban policy (market, growth machine, regime) to the politics of ru...(Read More)
Hurricane Andrew, the Public Schools, and the Rebuilding of Community
Hurricane Andrew, the Public Schools, and the Rebuilding of Community (July 1995)
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Author
Sandra H. Fradd - Author

This book shows how schools help people to cope with disasters and rebuild their communities.
Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida early on Monday morning, August 24, 1992. Widely described as the worst natural disaster in modern U.S. history, the storm left 38 people dead in South Florida, 80,000 homes destroyed, and damage estimates of at least billion. The area devastated by the hurricane was approximately three times the size of Manh...(Read More)
Governing New York State, Third Edition
Governing New York State, Third Edition (January 1994)
Jeffrey M. Stonecash - Editor
John Kenneth White - Editor
Peter W. Colby - Editor

"What I like most about this book is the way it compares to the existing literature on New York politics. It stands, in my opinion, as the best single source of information on New York politics and government currently available."--Edward Schneier, City College of New York

This new edition of Governing New York State (formerly New York State Today) provides the latest on New York State politics, government, and public pol...(Read More)
A Decade of Deficits
A Decade of Deficits (July 1992)
Congressional Thought and Fiscal Action
Steven E. Schier - Author

Since 1980, the national agenda and the attention of Congress have been focused on federal budget deficits. This is the first book, however, to examine how lawmakers think about fiscal problems and to emphasize individual legislators' economic beliefs. Based on interviews with 110 members of Congress, the book includes an assessment of Congress's capacity to make sound fiscal policy in the future.

"This book gets inside Congress as few have...(Read More)
Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i
Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i (July 1992)
Zachary A. Smith - Editor
Richard Pratt - Editor

Hawai'i is of special interest as a state because its history differs so greatly from that of the other United States and because its social and political institutions are unique. It is, for example, the only state that has no incorporated villages, towns, or cities, and it has the most centralized system of governance of any U. S. state.

This book addresses policy topics of importance to Hawai'i and other communities facing rapid growth, un...(Read More)
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