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High Hopes
High Hopes (June 1984)
The Rise and Decline of Buffalo, New York
Mark Goldman - Author

In 1901 Buffalo was the national symbol of the country's optimism, pride, and braggadocio. Toward the close of the century, it epitomizes the sense of economic and demographic crisis prevalent in American industrial cities.

High Hopes analyzes and interprets the historical forces--external and internal-- that have shaped New York's second largest city. It examines the historical shifts that have served as a catalyst in...(Read More)
A Sort of Utopia
A Sort of Utopia (June 1983)
Scarsdale, 1891-1981
Carol A. O'Connor - Author

Scarsdale, New York, is a small community with a large reputation. Long before it had gained general recognition as a source of fad diets and the presumed site of sensational murders, it was well-known in upper-middle-class circles for the rigor of its zoning, the excellence of its schools, the splendor of its houses, and the wealth of its residents. Indeed, Scarsdale is, what one observer has called, “a sort of utopia”—a capitalistic...(Read More)
Folk Songs of the Catskills
Folk Songs of the Catskills (June 1983)
Norman Cazden - Editor
Herbert Haufrecht - Editor
Norman Studer - Editor

Part of the ancient Appalachians and just a few miles up the road from a massive metropolitan area, the Catskills have been home to the variety of people who have made the history of the New World.

The songs collected here reflect this history. They are songs of rafting and lumbering, war and railroads, prison and hard times, and nonsense and drinking. And they are songs of love - tragic love, thwarted love, foolish love - and sometimes eve...(Read More)
Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills
Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills (June 1983)
Norman Cazden - Editor
Herbert Haufrecht - Editor
Norman Studer - Editor

Notes and Sources to Folk Songs of the Catskills, also published by the State University of New York Press, is the companion volume to Folk Songs of the Catskills. It contains extensive reference notes that exemplify and support detailed citations in the commentary preceding each song. The book also includes a comprehensive list of sources, including books, broadsides or pocket songsters, disc recordings, music publications, periodicals, tape...(Read More)
Love Canal
Love Canal (June 1982)
My Story
Lois Marie Gibbs - Author
Murray Levine - Author

The inspiring story of a seemingly ordinary woman who led one of the most successful, single-purpose, grassroots efforts of our time.

“I want to tell you my story because I believe that ordinary citizens using the tools of dignity, self-respect, common sense, and perseverance can influence solutions to important problems in our society.” — Lois Marie Gibbs, from Chapter One

...(Read More)
Colossal Cataract
Colossal Cataract (June 1981)
The Geologic History of Niagara Falls
Irving H. Tesmer - Editor

For the reader who wants to extend appreciation of the “Thunder of Waters” to a deeper knowledge of the geological formation of Niagara Falls, Colossal Cataract is the guide.

In 1975 a group of distinguished American and Canadian geologists agreed to pool their knowledge to write about the geologically fascinating resource they shared. Colossal Cataract is the result of their five-year collaboration t...(Read More)
From Niagara to Montauk
From Niagara to Montauk (June 1981)
The Scenic Pleasures of New York State
C. R. Roseberry - Author

New York State offers a variety of spectacular natural settings—mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers, and sea and shore. Provided here is the historical and geologic background necessary for the full enjoyment of these scenic pleasures. Both native and visitor alike will appreciate the local lore surrounding our most fascinating scenic localities, and the geologic information will enhance their delight in each panorama. Included are: Niagara, ...(Read More)
The Hudson
The Hudson (June 1981)
A Guidebook to the River
Arthur G. Adams - Author

This is the first comprehensive guide to the Hudson since the works of Ernest Ingersoll were published in the early 1900s. It arrives to fulfill the need for a new detailed, point-by-point guide to the river from its intersection with the Atlantic to its source in the Adirondacks.

Five possible routes for the traveler are given: directly up the main steamboat channel, road routes on the east and west shor...(Read More)
Cast with Style
Cast with Style (January 1981)
Nineteenth Century Cast-Iron Stoves from the Albany Area, Revised Edition
Tammis K. Groft - Author

Introduction to the influential cast-iron stoves manufactured in Albany and Troy in the nineteenth century.

During the nineteenth century, Albany and Troy manufacturers were considered to be among the largest producers of cast-iron stoves in the world. Stoves made in these two upstate New York cities were renowned for their fine-quality castings and innovations in technology and design. The strategic location of A...(Read More)
The Economic Impact of the Adirondack Park Private Land Use and Development Plan
The Economic Impact of the Adirondack Park Private Land Use and Development Plan (June 1980)
Charles I. Zinser - Author

Study of how land use legislation may be affecting the economy of the Adirondack Park.

The purpose of this book is to assess the nature and degree of impact the Adirondack Park Private Land Use and Development Plan has had upon the economy of the Adirondack Park Region in New York State. This Plan regulates land use on the private areas within the Adirondack Park “blue line,” lands that occupy 60% of ...(Read More)
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